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Commissioners (from left): Jan Cook, Jim Sullivan and George C. Wallace, Jr.


The activities and accomplishments of the Alabama Public Service Commission during the period October 1, 1998, to September 30, 1999, are presented in this annual report.

The Alabama Public Service Commission is a quasi-judicial regulatory body whose jurisdiction, powers and duties are delegated to it by the Alabama Legislature. The Commission derives its authority from the Code of Alabama, 1975, Sections 24-1-28, 10-2-231, 10-5-3, 10-5-4, 10-5-7, 11-50-268, 11-50-269, 11-50-270, 37-1-32, 37-2-3, 37-2-171, 37-3-7, 37-4-60, 37-4-82, 37-4-108, 37-9-8, and 37-9-9.

The Public Service Commission has been charged with the responsibility for the regulation of public utilities and some aspects of the transportation industry doing business in Alabama. These include privately-owned corporations providing electric, gas, water, telecommunications, and radio utility service to the public, plus railroads, buses, some trucking companies, and taxis operating outside police jurisdictions.

The three elected Commissioners -- a president and two associate commissioners -- administer all functions of the Commission. Commissioners are elected to four-year terms, with the president’s term staggered by two years from the two associate commissioners.

The Commission supervises and regulates utilities and some aspects of public transportation to ensure adequate service and facilities are made available at rates that are reasonable. The law prohibits variation from established rates. The quasi-judicial status of the Commission requires conducting public hearings on applications, petitions, and complaints, together with the rendering of decisions on those proceedings.

The Commission operates solely from inspection and supervision fees received from the companies regulated and appropriated by the Legislature.

The various divisions conduct the work of the Commission. A statement of the function, operational procedure and accomplishments of these divisions during FY-99 appears in this report, which is published by the Public Affairs section of the Advisory Division.


JIM SULLIVAN has been President of the Alabama Public Service Commission since 1983. He was re-elected to the PSC most recently in November 1996, when Alabama voters gave him the largest margin of victory of any statewide candidate. In November 1998, he was elected president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, or NARUC, the principal voice of the states on national energy and telecommunications policy. He currently serves as immediate past President of that body.

Commissioner Sullivan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Mississippi. After graduating from Ole Miss in 1968, he went on to the University of Alabama, earning a Master's Degree in Banking and Finance in 1969 and the Juris Doctor in 1973.

In addition to his national leadership role in NARUC, Commissioner Sullivan is a member of the Advisory Council of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He also holds a seat on the board of directors of the Argonne National Laboratory and the Keystone Energy Board, a privately funded think tank addressing a wide variety of energy-related issues, as well as the advisory councils of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and Nuclear Electric Insurance, Ltd.

Under Commissioner Sullivan's leadership, Alabama ratepayers have enjoyed 18 reductions in BellSouth telephone rates totaling more than $200 million. Alabama Power rates, meanwhile, have declined approximately 5 percent overall during the past decade and are currently 17 percent below the national average.

Commissioner Sullivan and his wife, Susan, have been married for more than 25 years. They have two daughters, Leigh Anne, a graduate student at Troy State University, and Brannan, a student at Auburn University.

Commissioner Sullivan’s Staff:

G. Scott Morris, Deputy Attorney General

David P. Rountree, Executive Assistant III

Donna H. Dodd, Executive Secretary

Sandra B. Leser, Administrative Support Assistant III

Ken Tuck, Laborer



JAN COOK is a native of Dozier, Alabama, where she served on the City Council. She is a graduate of Auburn University, with a degree in Political Science and has done graduate work at both AUM and Troy State. In 1982 she sought her first statewide office and won the office of State Auditor with more votes than any other candidate seeking office. She was re-elected in 1986, and in 1990 began serving as your Public Service Commissioner where she is presently in her third term.

Commissioner Cook has always been a consumer-minded Commissioner and has sponsored several initiatives, including anti-slamming and cramming legislation, the Alabama "No-Call" bill, the statewide Y2K information forums and has been involved in issues ranging from helping Alabama agriculture compete in the global market to her concerns for railway safety.

Cook is a member of the Dozier Methodist Church and is active in various civic and charitable organizations. She is also a life member of the Alabama League of Aging Citizens and holds honorary memberships in the Future Homemakers of America and Delta Kappa Gamma. Cook also holds an honorary State Farmer’s degree and has been selected as Beta Sigma Phi’s Woman of the Year. Also, she was recognized by the Alabama National Guard Association for her work on behalf of Alabama Guardsmen during Operation Desert Storm.

Commissioner Cook’s Staff

Tom Whatley, Executive Assistant III

Ellen Irvine, Administrative Support Assistant III



GEORGE C. WALLACE, JR. was born in Eufaula, Alabama, in October 1951 and grew up in a well-known Alabama political family. Before his election to the Alabama Public Service Commission as Commissioner, Place 2, in November 1998, Wallace was elected in 1987 as State Treasurer of Alabama. During his two four-year terms he:

• established a program of cash management refinement procedures resulting in an increase of about $5 million of new revenue per year for Alabama’s General Fund and proposed additional refinements in the Treasury’s investment policy that continue to generate several million additional dollars for the General Fund.

• developed the Linked Deposit Program, a low-interest loan program to assist farmers and small business owners.

• developed the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program (PACT) -- a plan which allows parents, grandparents or other sponsors to make a one-time lump sum payment or periodic payments to guarantee the payment of a child’s tuition and mandatory fees at today’s fixed prices.

• initiated and implemented the Wallace Housing Plan, which helped young families buy their first home.

In 1976 Wallace obtained a bachelor’s degree in History from Huntingdon College. He continued his education with graduate work in Political Science and Public Administration at Auburn University at Montgomery. He served both as Director of Financial Aid and Alumni Affairs, as well as Vice-President of Development and Alumni Affairs at Troy State University at Montgomery.

Wallace is the author of The Wallaces of Alabama. He has also received many awards, including the John H. Buchanan Distinguished Service Award for Contributions to Higher Education and the NAACP Freedom Award.

Wallace enjoys coaching Little League ball, plus hunting and fishing with his two sons, George C. Wallace, IV, and Robert Kelly Wallace.

Commissioner Wallace’s Staff

Scott Whiteley, Executive Assistant III

Barbara Hardeman, Executive Secretary

Ahna Berryhill, Administrative Support Assistant I

Richard Whitaker, Laborer



Walter Thomas, PSC Secretary

Sandy Haynes, Clerk Stenographer III

Consumer Services Section

Judi Dykema, Utility Consumer Complaints Supervisor

Cathy Cook, Utilities Engineering Technician

Lee Provo, Utility Consumer Complaints Specialist

Debra Jackson, Utility Consumer Complaints Specialist

Sue Hicks, Utility Consumer Complaints Specialist

Kaye Davila, Administrative Support Assistant II

Denise Harris, Clerical Aide (Resigned 11/18/98)

Finance Section

William C. Anglin, Supervisor, Accountant III

Miles Gagner, Accountant II

Sandra Steele, Accountant II

Renee Parson, Account Clerk

Deboraha Thornton, Administrative Support Assistant II

Secretary’s Staff

Beth Kyser, Administrative Support Assistant II

Bonnie Granthum, Administrative Support Assistant II

Carolyn Denham, Administrative Support Assistant III

Wesley Barton, Laborer


Judy McLean, Director, CPA


Gene Pitts, CPA, Electricity Advisor

Darrell Baker, Utility Engineering Specialist II

Rolland Casey, PSC Accountant

Louise Tillery, Administrative Support Assistant I

Valerie Hogan, Clerk Stenographer II

Data Processing

Kay Hansen, Data Processing Specialist II

Brenda Welcher, Distributed System Technician II

Federal Affairs

Mary Newmeyer, Utility Rate Supervisor

Gene Hanes, Public Utilities Analyst II


Dorinda Kepler, Personnel Assistant III

Loy Overstreet, Administrative Support Assistant III

Robin Chapman, Administrative Support Assistant I

Public Affairs

Karen Gaston, Public Information Specialist II


Janice M. Hamilton, Director

Rose Penn, Administrative Support Assistant III

Electricity Section

Linda Bowers, Accountant II

John Free, Public Utilities Auditor II

Mary Martin, Public Utilities Analyst II

Robert Taylor, III, Public Utilities Analyst II

Jo Sibley, Clerk Stenographer III

Natural Gas Section

Robert Reed, Utility Rate Supervisor

William Knight, Utilities Analyst II

Joe Leverette, Auditor I

Donald Powell, Utilities Analyst II

Brenda Roberts, Administrative Support Assistant II

Gas Pipeline Safety Section

Chris Harvey, Gas Pipeline Safety Administrator

Jannette Mitchell, Clerk Stenographer III

Darlene Adams, Clerk Stenographer III (Transferred 1/15/99)

Dave Darwin, Pipeline Safety Investigator III

Ocie Dunson, Pipeline Safety Investigator III

John Paul Harris, Pipeline Safety Investigator III

Spencer Brady, Pipeline Safety Training Officer

Thomas Lancaster, Pipeline Safety Investigator II

Gregory Meadows, Pipeline Safety Investigator I

Judy Ramsey, Pipeline Safety Investigator I

David Snoddy, Pipeline Safety Investigator II

Hosie Powell, Pipeline Safety Investigator I

Technical Section

Bernard Givan, Utilities Engineering Specialist II (Resigned 3/1/99)

Rick Cleckler, Utilities Engineering Specialist II

William Straughn, Utilities Engineering Technician

Water Section

Stephen Bartelt, Utility Rate Supervisor

Pat Dail, Administrative Support Assistant II


Carl L. Evans, Chief Administrative Law Judge

Stanley W. Foy, Administrative Law Judge

John A. Garner, Administrative Law Judge

Eileen M. Lawrence, Clerk Stenographer IV

Karen Rogers, Administrative Support Assistant II


Clarence Duncan, Director

Barbara Franklin, Clerk Stenographer III

Cynthia Allen, Administrative Support Assistant I

Bettie Brown, Clerical Aide (Resigned 4/13/99)

Auditing Section

David House, Public Utilities Auditor III

E.C. McArthur, Public Utilities Auditor III

Eugene Holsenbeck, Public Utilities Auditor II

Lauvone Turner, Public Utilities Auditor II

Evandrew Tucker, Accountant II

Price Cap Section

David Peeler, Public Utilities Auditor III

Laneeta Roberts, Public Utilities Analyst II

Compliance Section

Delton Riddle, Utilities Engineering Technician Supervisor

Harold Carson, Utilities Engineering Technician

Bobby Mobley, Utilities Engineering Technician

Arthur Seay, Utilities Engineering Technician

Doug Dillard, Utilities Engineering Technician

Retha Bryant, Administrative Support Assistant I

Engineering Section

Wayne Wright, Utilities Engineering Director

Earle Fisher, Utilities Engineering Technician Supervisor

Glenn Darter, Utilities Engineering Technician Supervisor

Terry Jackson, Utilities Engineering Technician

Kathy Burkett, Administrative Support Assistant I

Tariff Section

Larry Smith, Utility Rate Supervisor

Tom Jones, Public Utilities Analyst II

Bill Cook, Public Utilities Analyst II

Kenneth Ladd, Public Utilities Analyst II (Retired 3/1/99)

Janet Conway, Public Utilities Analyst I

Linda Jones, Clerk Stenographer III


Enforcement Section

Rita Grantham, Clerk Stenographer III

Robert J. Cannon, Transportation Enforcement Officer II

John M. Brock, Transportation Enforcement Officer II

Jack W. Clark, Transportation Enforcement Officer II

Earl Reeves, Transportation Enforcement Officer II

Leo Sauls, Jr., Transportation Enforcement Officer II

Terry Shirley, Transportation Enforcement Officer II

Gary Shirley, Transportation Enforcement Officer I

Suellen Young, Attorney III

Insurance and Registration Section

Ronald E. Hicks, Supervisor

Larry Wingard, Accountant II

Anita F. Smith, Accountant II

Donald Williamson, Accounting Technician I

Monica Jordan, Administrative Support Assistant III

Betty Elrod, Account Clerk

Felisa Webster, Administrative Support Assistant I

Deborah Brown, Administrative Support Assistant I

Brenda Gause, Administrative Support Assistant I

Joan Pierce, Administrative Support Assistant I (Resigned 3/12/99)

Railway Safety Section

John C. Longcrier, Railway Safety Inspector (Acting)

Danny Arledge, Railway Car Inspector

Larry Coleman, Railway Car Inspector

Peggy Mays, Administrative Support Assistant I

Rates and Services Section

Britt Roberts, Transportation Rate Supervisor


The Administrative Division consists of three sections--the Secretary's Office, the Consumer Services Section, and the Finance Section. A description of each section's responsibilities and a detailed report of its activities during FY-99 are as follows:


The Secretary of the Commission receives all filings made to the Commission and distributes them to the appropriate division. He assigns docket numbers to cases requiring public hearings and maintains a card file on cases so that information on the status of any case may be obtained quickly.

The Secretary maintains the Commission hearing docket book and hearing calendars, assigning cases for hearing in collaboration with examiners and Commissioners. He arranges schedules for hearing rooms and court reporters, as well as prepares and mails hearing notices to all parties involved or known to have interest in the proceeding. He prepares weekly hearing calendars for the Commissioners, examiners, and press representatives.

The Secretary receives and records transcripts of testimony and checks invoices prepared by the court reporter.

The Secretary takes and distributes minutes of Commission meetings. He attests to and files orders of the Commission. He certifies copies of orders and other documents of record in the official files of the Commission.

The Secretary prepares transcripts of Commission cases appealed to the Courts and maintains files on these cases.

The Secretary files Commission oaths of office, surety bonds covering each railway policeman appointed by the governor, furnishing certification of the policeman's appointment along with the oath and bonding to the Secretary of State.

The Secretary signs orders for the Commission to authorize transportation companies to place reduced rates into effect, on less than statutory time, to meet an emergency.

The Secretary receives public officials, attorneys, transportation and utility executives, and other interested people, providing them with information on the procedural practices of the Commission.

The Secretary is responsible for the retention of all records of the Commission. He coordinates the transfer of records to the Department of Archives and History as well as destruction of records.

The Secretary acknowledges receipt of filings to advise parties of the requirements of the Rules of Practice and statutes governing the proceedings in which they are involved. He gives general procedural information and answers inquiries requiring research into Commission records.

The Secretary is responsible for the coordination of departmental telecommunications services. This primarily entails ensuring that the telephone and data lines are working properly.

A tabulation of the principal activities of the Secretary during FY-99 are as follows:

Commission orders issued: 1,550

Public hearings held: 173


The Finance Section plans, coordinates and directs the fiscal functions of the Commission.

The Finance Section oversees such activities as accounts, budgets, purchases, equipment and custodial care. Its responsibilities include maintaining the general books; consolidating operating budget requirements and preparing a budget request and operations plan.

The section also prepares budgetary performance reports and makes appropriate recommendations; verifies and processes invoices and vouchers for payment; coordinates the payroll and maintains payroll records; verifies expense accounts; bills utilities for inspection and supervision fees; and conducts special studies or assignments as requested by the Commission.

The section maintains office supplies for the Commission, develops and administers internal accounting procedures and administers a centralized purchasing service to purchase approved materials, supplies and equipment.


FY-99 Statement of Operations

COMPTROLLER’S CASH BALANCE 10-01-98 - 2,567,548.41


Insp. & Supv. Fees - Telecom/Railroads - 2,986,487.77

Insp. & Supv. Fees - Utility/Water Cos. - 6,077,144.45

Insp. & Supv. Fees - Radio Common Carriers - 41,928.94

Motor Carrier Ins. Reg. Fees - 2,645,375.00

Transfer - Motor Carrier Fund - 50,000.00

Misc. Receipts - 75,986.31

TOTAL RECEIPTS - 11,876,922.47

TOTAL CASH AVAILABLE - 14,444,470.88



TRAVEL IN-STATE - 8,894.50



RENTALS & LEASES - 3,169.12











PERSONNEL COSTS - 4,797,544.54


TRAVEL IN-STATE - 143,429.48

TRAVEL OUT-STATE - 82,058.51


RENTALS & LEASES - 720,121.25












COMPTROLLER’S CASH BALANCE 09-30-99 - 3,161,679.68



AND OTHER OBLIGATIONS OF $447,320.86 - 1,121,297.87

UNENCUMBERED CASH BALANCE 09-30-99 (1) - 2,040,381.81



FY-99 Statement of Operations

COMPTROLLER’S CASH BALANCE 10-01-98 - 809,863.65


SERVICE LINE FEES $.50 - 459,359.50


MISC. RECEIPTS - 2,296.96

TOTAL RECEIPTS - 849,270.30




TRAVEL IN-STATE - 4,113.75












PERSONNEL COSTS - 501,205.98


TRAVEL IN-STATE - 59,265.00




RENTALS & LEASES - 31,362.45










COMPTROLLER’S CASH BALANCE 09-30-99 - 819,604.46

ENCUMBRANCES FY-99 $13,603.35 - 13,603.35

UNENCUMBERED CASH BALANCE 09-30-99 (1) - 806,001.11



The Consumer Services Section investigates complaints regarding the operation, services, and billings of regulated utility companies.

The staff consists of a supervisor, an administrative support assistant, and four investigators experienced in the field of utility operations and management. The Consumer Services staff is charged with resolving consumer complaints, providing information to consumers about the utility regulatory functions of the Commission, and interpreting and conveying the views and opinions of utility consumers to the Commissioners for consideration in regulatory matters.

When a complaint is filed, the complainant is interviewed to obtain the circumstances and allegations involved. After reviewing and/or investigating the facts, the staff determines the appropriate action needed to resolve the complaint. A written report is prepared citing details of the complaint and the disposition. Field investigations are routinely conducted.

The staff meets with community groups throughout the state upon request regarding regulated utility matters. The staff is available to civic and community groups for speaking engagements regarding the Commission and utility regulation in general.

The Consumer Services Section received and processed 8,022 complaints/inquiries during FY-99. The total consisted of complaints/inquiries in the following categories: 886 electric, 222 gas, 4,088 telecommunications, 133 no jurisdiction, 142 miscellaneous jurisdiction, and 2,551 miscellaneous inquiries. The staff made 154 field investigations and attended 22 meetings.

Slamming complaints have shown a significant decrease in the past year. Through the aggressive efforts of the Consumer Services Section, the number of slamming complaints dropped 40 percent since the previous reporting period (FY 98). Consumer Services processed 763 slamming complaints during this reporting year obtaining refunds/credits for rate differentials and advising consumers on how to return to their provider of choice. The PSC was instrumental in getting legislation passed in 1997 making slamming illegal in the state of Alabama. Penalties in excess of $50,000 were assessed against three long distance companies for violating the Alabama slamming law.


The Advisory Division touches almost all aspects of the Commission, working closely with its divisions. The primary role Advisory plays is to give the Commissioners relevant information and alternatives related to regulatory issues brought before the PSC.

Advisory provides financial and legal analysis, research and evaluation in Commission proceedings. Other functions the division performs include reviewing state and federal legislation, monitoring federal agency proceedings and conducting special studies or projects at the Commissioners' request. Key areas Advisory has been involved with during the past year include addressing telecommunications issues related to the implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Commission’s electricity restructuring proceeding and Year 2000 compliance of regulated companies.

Several other responsibilities also fall under Advisory's supervision. This division handles appeals of Commission decisions in the state and federal courts. Plus, the Commission's Personnel procedures, Media Relations and Data Processing sections come under Advisory's umbrella.

The Advisory Division maintains and oversees the Commission's Web site ( The site offers links to consumer information, electricity restructuring, press releases and a search function for Commission orders.

Here is a detailed description of the activities of each section of Advisory:


Electricity Advisor: Energy-related issues such as the electric industry restructuring and Year 2000 compliance by Alabama Power Co. are the types of projects in which the Electricity Advisor is involved. Research is corroborated by the Electricity Advisor with organizations both within and outside of the Commission. As a rule, the Electricity Advisor's recommendations are made independently of the Commission's other divisions.

The Electricity Advisor is updated by Alabama Power Co. regarding the company's Integrated Resource Planning and significant financial arrangements. These areas of activity are reviewed on an ongoing basis, in addition to contracts involving the purchase and sale of energy-related resources.

Natural Gas Advisor: The Alabama Public Service Commission has 11 natural gas companies under its jurisdiction. The Natural Gas Advisor works independently of the Commission's other divisions in analyzing and forming recommendations on all natural gas industry issues before the Commission. This gives the Commissioners a separate recommendation for their review.

The Natural Gas Advisor forms sound recommendations by researching the industry and applying this knowledge to natural gas issues. This results in financial analysis, operational reviews and recommendations that, because they are independent from the Commission's other divisions, can be used by the Commission to make the most informed judgments for the benefit of Alabamians.

Specifically, the Advisor reviews ratemaking methodologies, gas supply contracts, accounting matters, operational issues, municipal acquisitions and other filings made to the Commission.

The Natural Gas Advisor also serves an important function by working with Special Projects. At the direction of the head of Advisory Staff, the Natural Gas Advisor works on a multiplicity of projects both within the natural gas industry and without. Examples of special projects the Natural Gas Advisor was involved in during the past year include the review of the effects of competition in the electric and gas industries, regulatory policies of other states, Year 2000 compliance issues facing the electric, gas, and telecommunications industries, the effects of "slamming" and "cramming" on Alabama telephone customers and a variety of issues related to local telephone companies.

The Natural Gas Advisor has 20 years of utility industry experience, comprising seven years at the federal regulatory level, three years at a publicly held federal and state jurisdictional utility company, and 10 years at the state regulatory level.

Telecommunications Advisor: The Telecommunications Advisor advises the Commission on matters relating to telecommunications companies under PSC jurisdiction. These companies include incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers, long distance companies, and some aspects involving pay phone providers. The advisor routinely reviews filings made by these companies and makes recommendations to the Commission on these issues.

The advisor also participates in special projects as needed. Year 2000 compliance and developing a LATA-Wide Local Calling Plan for GTE customers in Alabama were two issues the Telecommunications Advisor worked with during FY-99.


The Data Processing Section is responsible for automation efforts in all divisions and offices of the Commission.

The Commission is presently totally electronically networked to all divisions internally and to the State of Alabama's consolidated data center. Additionally, the Data Processing Section has developed an Internet Web site for the public. The address is The Web site is used for consumer education, consumer inquiries, notification of filings and proceedings and to allow downloading of Commission orders and other public documents.

The Commission has a LAN with three servers attached. The file server is running Windows NT, and clients run either Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 or Windows 98. Programming is accomplished with the Access language and SQL database. The Web and Proxy servers are also running Windows NT.


The Federal Affairs section keeps the Commission abreast of federal activities affecting utility regulation in Alabama. When necessary, the staff also intervenes and files comments in federal proceedings.

To stay on top of the federal scene, Federal Affairs monitors activities of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Surface Transportation Board (STB), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Department of Energy (DOE), the Federal Railway Administration (FRA), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Just as important, Federal Affairs reviews federal court appeals and decisions on utility issues and, if appropriate, makes recommendations on action to be taken. The section also looks at proposed federal legislation affecting Alabama utilities and prepares documentation to express the Commission's views.

Keeping an eye on state legislation is another function of Federal Affairs. The section assists in drafting legislation and tracks its progress. At times, Federal Affairs staff members are called upon to testify on proposed bills at state legislative committee hearings. Federal Affairs also acts as the PSC's legislative liaison with the Governor's office.

Federal Affairs has worked with several significant regulatory issues in FY-99. A previously adopted Federal Affairs in-depth report on electricity restructuring has launched an ongoing Commission proceeding on the topic. Federal Affairs is the lead section on this project. Addressing issues raised by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has also been a focal point for Federal Affairs this past year.

The Federal Affairs Section monitors and reports on positions taken by other state commissions and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) on issues affecting the Commission. This section also maintains and makes available to the Commission staff resource materials on federal issues.

Furthermore, Federal Affairs represents the Commission on the NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Communications and Staff Subcommittee on Nuclear Issues-Waste Disposal.


The Personnel office maintains the records of Commission employees. One of its primary functions is to identify changes in payroll expenditures that are incurred by appointments, resignations, promotions, terminations, etc.

Personnel oversees the processing and orientation of new employees. As the source for state and departmental rules, regulations and benefits that apply to employees, Personnel provides information through handbooks and manuals. Requests to fill vacancies in the Commission are processed by Personnel with the coordination of division directors.

The Personnel manager acts as the liaison with the State Personnel Department (SPD), checking to see every Personnel action is in line with state laws and SPD rules and regulations. The Personnel manager also represents the Commission at meetings of the State Personnel Board and the Council of Personnel Administrators.

Personnel develops and updates job descriptions on employees. This ensures appropriate classifications are selected for a particular job and may also be used as an indicator for change in classification and pay.


The Public Affairs Section of Advisory handles the public information duties of the Commission. This entails distributing information to the news media, the public and other state, governmental and regulatory agencies.

The Public Affairs coordinator serves as spokesperson for the Commission. Topics that have received a great deal of media interest during the past year include slamming and cramming, intraLATA dialing parity and electricity restructuring.

The coordinator also produces informational materials such as the PSC's Annual Report, brochures, presentation aids and other graphic materials. Plus, the coordinator assists in posting information to the PSC's Web site. In addition, the coordinator attends Commission hearings and meetings and monitors media coverage of the PSC.


The Energy Division oversees the day-to-day operations of all electric, water and natural gas utilities regulated by the Commission.

This responsibility includes monitoring the rate stabilization and equalization (RSE) programs used by the Commission to regulate Alabama Power Co. (APCo) and Alabama Gas Corp. (Alagasco). The Gas Pipeline Safety Section, which monitors the safety of all natural gas systems and hazardous liquid pipeline systems in Alabama, is also included in the Energy Division's scope of responsibility.

The following is a description of each section's significant regulatory policies, responsibilities and activities performed during FY-99.



This section is responsible for monitoring the revenues, expenses, investment (rate base), equity, debt and RSE program for Alabama Power Co. This includes financial analyses, compliance auditing and the design and implementation of monitoring and forecasting procedures. Also, this section is responsible for analyzing the various filings by the company and submitting recommendations to the Commissioners. These filings pertain to rate adjustments, new tariffs, certificates for new plant, accounting issues, special contracts, financing issues and other regulatory matters.

Rate Stabilization and Equalization (RSE)

Under the current RSE program for Alabama Power Co., the Electricity Section examines the company's books and records on a monthly basis to determine the retail return on common equity (RRCE) for the preceding 12-month period. Every third month (January, April, July, and October) is a point of test. The section prepares a monthly report for each Commission meeting, indicating the current RRCE, any ensuing rate adjustment, the determinations of RSE since the first filing and the projected RRCE for the next point of test.

The approved Retail Return on Common Equity range for Rate RSE is 13.0 percent to 14.5 percent, with an adjusting point of 13.75 percent.

In June 1995, the current RSE plan for Alabama Power Co. was extended through December 2000. The Commission may elect to review Rate RSE in 2000 to determine if continued operation of the mechanism is appropriate, or if some alternative form of regulation should be implemented in January 2001. In addition to placing a moratorium on rate increases (but not rate decreases) under Rate RSE until January 2001, the order provided for:

(1) a reduction to 14.00 from 15.00 mills per kWh in the ECR adjustment factor for all rate schedules for the 12 months effective July 1995;

(2) a waiver of the July 1995 and July 1996 rate adjustments under Rate CNP (Greene County combustion turbines) applicable to nonresidential rate schedules; and

(3) an increase in the customer charge for residential rates together with a commensurate reduction in certain nonresidential rate schedules.

When the RRCE goes above 14.5 percent (upper limit of the equity return range), rates are decreased to bring the return back to the 13.75 percent adjusting point. Adjustments are based on financial results for the 12-month period ending two months prior to the proposed effective date of the change.

Also, in June 1995, the Commission approved an application by Alabama Power Co. to establish return parity between customer classes. The Class Return Equalization Adjustment Rate (Rate CREA) is a revenue neutral adjustment set up to bring equality to the rates of return on investment between residential and non-residential customers. The first activity of Rate CREA was made in FY-99.

The net amount of all rate increases and decreases under Rate RSE since its inception in November 1982 results in a net increase of $124,151,728 or 5.95 percent. There were no rate adjustments pursuant to Rate RSE for FY-99.

Energy Cost Recovery (ECR)

Rate ECR is the method used to recover the retail customer's portion of energy cost. Initially established at 17.88 mills per kWh, the rate has been reduced for temporary periods of time to adjust the under/over collections accumulated in the energy cost account.

The Electricity Section prepares a report for the monthly Commission meeting reflecting the status of energy costs recovered, the accumulated over/under collection, and an updated ECR projection. This projection assumes 100 percent normal hydrogeneration.

Rate ECR accounted for 24.9 percent of the retail electricity revenues for the 12-month period ended September 30, 1999.

In July 1995, the ECR factor was reduced from 15.00 to 14.00 mills. Currently, the ECR factor is 14.00 mills per kWh and will remain so through December 1999. At that time, the factor will be re-evaluated.

Certificated New Plant (CNP)

The Electricity Section is responsible for conducting the financial analysis of Certificated New Plant (CNP) filings by Alabama Power Co. Under Rate CNP, rates are adjusted beginning with the second month after the month in which a new plant begins commercial operation or when a portion of an operating plant is sold.

The net amount of all CNP adjustments since its inception reflects an increase of $57,844,727.

On August 29, 1997, Alabama Power Co. filed for a certificate of convenience and necessity for the construction and installation of three combined-cycle generating units totaling 798 MW at an estimated cost of $290 million. Alabama Power proposes to install two units (total of 532 MW) in the year 2000 and the third unit (for a total of 798 MW) in 2001. These units will be located in Mobile County, Alabama at APCo's Barry Steam plant site.

As a condition to the Commission order granting this certificate, the company agreed to waive the operation of Rate CNP for the first two units. The Commission granted this certificate in December 1997.

Also, during FY-99, Alabama Power Co. began construction of a co-generation facility adjacent to two of its industrial customers (Degussa Corp. and Phenolchemie, Inc.). The facility will provide process steam to the customers concurrent with the production of electricity for use on the company's electric system. Primarily composed of a combustion turbine, the facility will have approximately 207 megawatts of electric capacity and will serve as a base load resource for the company. The facility is expected to be in service for the 2001-2002 time frame at a cost of approximately $113 million. However, as a condition of Commission approval, the company agreed to waive the operation of Rate CNP associated with the commercial operation of the co-generation facility.

Flexible Contract Rate (FCR)

On February 28, 1996, Alabama Power Co. filed with the Commission a new Flexible Contract Rate (Rate FCR). Rate FCR is applicable to commercial and industrial customers who have a need for flexibility in rates and/or service and who have an account that is no less than one-megawatt (1 MW). This rate was approved in April 1996.

For the period October 1, 1998, through September 30, 1999, the company utilized Rate FCR for several industrial customers. In most cases, the ability to be the competitive choice of either a new customer or an existing customer's expansion was the reason for executing a Rate FCR contract.

Natural Disaster Reserve (NDR)

By order dated Oct. 3, 1994, the Commission granted Alabama Power Co. authority to establish a reserve of $32 million against which extraordinary operation and maintenance expense resulting from natural disasters would be charged. That reserve was established and has served to help mitigate the disruptive effects of significant natural disasters in the company's service territory.

However, due to Hurricane Opal, the Natural Disaster Reserve was substantially depleted in October 1995. Under the monthly accruals established in the original order, it would have taken more than eight years to restore the reserve to the authorized level of $32 million.

Therefore, in December 1995 the Commission authorized the company to make additional accruals, without further order by the Commission, above the normal monthly amount of $250,000, whenever the balance in the Natural Disaster Reserve declines below $22.4 million. Accruals above normal monthly amounts may continue until the reserve is restored to $32 million and must be reported to the Commission in writing.

For the 12-month period ending September 30, 1999, the Reserve was charged approximately $8.6 million due to Hurricane Georges and $3.3 million for other various storm damages. The company has made no additional accruals above the normal monthly amount of $250,000 to the Natural Disaster Reserve for this same period. The NDR balance at September 30, 1999, was $18,177,189.98.

Accounting for Balance Sheet Asset Reductions

On Dec. 4, 1995, the Commission authorized Alabama Power Co. (informal docket U-3647) to reduce balance sheet items such as production plant in service, cost incurred in the redemption and refinancing of securities and other deferred assets. This reduction could be no more than the company's actual positive revenue variation from the base rate revenue budget.

Also, on April 21, 1997, the Commission granted the company the additional authority to reduce balance sheet asset items in conjunction with future reductions in retail rates (informal docket U-3741).

For the period October 1, 1998, to September 30, 1999, the company has made no accruals pursuant to informal docket U-3647 or informal docket U-3741.

New and Revised Tariffs

During the period from October 1, 1998, through September 30, 1999, Alabama Power Co. petitioned the Commission for approval of four new rates and revisions to Rate PAE (Purchase of Alternate Energy) and others pursuant to Rate CREA (Class Return Equalization Adjustment).

Rate PAE, reviewed annually by the Commission, resulted in minor changes to customer charges and to the energy payments. In addition, seasonal periods were modified by changing the five summer billing months of June through October to four summer months of June through September. Also, Special Rules Governing Application of Rate PAE were revised and approved. This was necessary to conform to the on-Peak and off-peak seasons to those used in revised Rate PAE.

As was mentioned earlier, Rate CREA was designed to move the company's residential and non-residential rate schedules toward parity. An annual adjustment to certain retail rates was made effective for billings beginning January 1, 1999, and thereafter through the adjustment for January 2001. The Rate CREA adjustment resulted in revision of most of the existing rates.

Service Classification Revision Eff. Date

ASL-Agricultural Service-Large - 1st - 01/01/99

BEVL-Business Electric Vehicle-Time of Use - 2nd - 01/01/99


CFTU-Catfish Farms-Time-of-Use - 1st - 01/01/99

FD-Family Dwelling-Residential Service - 12th - 01/01/99

FDE-Family Dwelling-Efficiency - 2nd - 01/01/99

FDT-Family Dwelling-Time-of Use - 2nd - 01/01/99

HLF-High Load Factor (3000KW and above) - 13th - 01/01/99

IDL-Incremental Load-Day Ahead - 2nd - 01/01/99

ILTU-Incremental Load-Time-of-Use - 2nd - 01/01/99

LAF-Lighting Athletic Fields - 10th - 01/01/99


LFS-Farm Service - 8th - 01/01/99

LPEM-Restricted Light and Power Service-Medium - 13th - 01/01/99

LPEL-Restricted Light and Power Service-Large - 15th - 01/01/99

LPS-Light and Power Service-Small - 10th - 01/01/99

LPM-Light and Power Service-Medium -13th - 01/01/99

LPL-Light and Power Service-Large - 15th - 01/01/99

LPLM-Restricted Light and Power Service Manufacturing - 2nd - 01/01/99

LPTS-Light and Power-Time-of Use-Small - 1st - 01/01/99


LPTM-Light and Power-Time-of Use-Medium - 1st - 01/01/99

LPTL-Light and Power-Time-of Use-Large - 5th - 01/01/99

LTU-Lighting-Time-of-Use - 2nd - 01/01/99

MTU-Military-Time-of-Use - 1st - 01/01/99

OFP-Oil Field Industrial Power - 11th - 01/01/99

PAE-Purchase of Alternate Energy - 19th - 06/01/99

PG-Power for Cotton Gins & Peanut Drying Operations - 13th - 01/01/99

PPP-Price Protection Products for Real Time Pricing - 1st - 05/01/99


PTU-Poultry-Time-of-Use - 1st - 01/01/99

PULP-Pulp and Paper Mill - 1st - 01/01/99

RTP-Real Time Pricing (Industrial Power) - 5th - 01/01/99

RTPD-Real Time Pricing -Day Ahead - 3rd - 01/01/99

RTPH-Real Time Pricing-Hour Ahead - 3rd -01/01/99

SCH-School Service - 3rd - 01/01/99

TS-Traffic Signal Service - 8th - 01/01/99

TST-Thermal Storage-Time-of-Use - 2nd - 01/01/99


XTP-Manufacturing-Restricted - 2nd - 01/01/99

XWP-Off Peak Water Works Pumping - 11th - 01/01/99

*Commercial Segment Options Revision Eff. Date

FOOD-M, Food Service-Medium - 1st - 05/01/99

GROC-M, Grocery-Medium - 1st - 05/01/99

HCARE-M, Healthcare-Medium - 1st - 05/01/99

HCARE-L, Healthcare-Large- 1st - 05/01/99

HOSP-M, Hospital-Medium - 1st - 05/01/99


LODGE-M, Lodging-Medium - 1st - 05/01/99

LODGE-L, Lodging-Large - 1st - 05/01/99

RETL-M, Retail-Medium - 1st - 05/01/99

RETL-L, Retail-Large - 1st - 05/01/99

*Industrial Segment Options Revision Eff. Date

FMTU-Fabricated Metals - 1st - 01/01/99

PMTU-Primary Metals - 1st - 01/01/99

SCGTU-Stone, Clay and Glass - 1st - 01/01/99


TXTU-Textiles - 1st - 01/01/99

Rate Riders Revision Eff. Date

MA-Multiple Accounts - Original - 01/01/99

ML-Multiple Load - Original - 01/01/99

VALUE-Rate VALUE 1998 - (temp/optional) - 11/01/98 - 05/01/99

PV-Photovoltaics - Original - 08/01/99

VFD-Volunteer Fire Departments (Restricted) - Original - 08/01/99


TVSS-Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor - 1st - 08/01/99

*Commercial and Industrial Segments are Time-of-Use Rates


The Electricity staff reviews all petitions filed with the Commission by Alabama Power and Southern Electric Generating Company (SEGCo), when they seek approval to engage in the issuance of securities or to assume obligations pursuant to other types of debt instruments. Upon analysis and evaluation, the staff makes recommendations to the Commission pertaining to those petitions. The Commission subsequently makes a disposition of the petition by an order.

1) On November 6, 1998, the Commission issued orders regarding informal dockets U-3919 and U-3920. In these orders, the Commission granted Southern Electric Generating Company (SEGCo) and Alabama Power Co., respectively, the authority:

a) To borrow, during the years 1998, 1999 and 2000, upon issuance of promissory notes and commercial paper in aggregate principal amount not to exceed $80,000,000 and $750,000,000, respectively, at any one time outstanding.

2) Also, on December 7, 1998, the Commission issued an order regarding informal docket U-3932. In this order, the Commission granted Alabama Power Co. authority during 1998 and 1999 at times in amounts deemed by it to be appropriate:

a) To issue and sell promissory notes, subordinated debentures, or other debt instruments and/or assume obligations as a guarantor in connection with the issuance of preferred securities by special purpose subsidiaries with an aggregate principal value of such promissory notes, subordinated debentures and other debt instruments, and obligations not exceeding $775,000,000. APCo was also granted authority to assume obligations as a guarantor in connection with the issuance of promissory notes by Southern Electric Generating Company (SEGCo) in amount not in excess of $50,000.000.


The Electricity Section's auditors conduct monthly analytical reviews/audits to test the accuracy of financial data submitted by Alabama Power Co. This same data is then used to calculate the company's Retail Return on Common Equity (RRCE).

Since the company's fuel costs are approximately 50 percent of total operations and maintenance (O&M) expense, the section's monthly fuel audit is particularly important. For this audit, all coal purchases and burn records are reviewed each month. Additionally, the auditors make a site visit to one steam plant each month to verify that the plant burn and purchase records agree with the corporate fuel department's accounting records.

Also, the section conducts a bimonthly review of the company's customer accounts, customer service, sales and administrative and general expenses. These costs are approximately 10 percent of the company's total O&M expenses. The section reviews these costs for proper FERC account classification. The proper classification is important to ensure the accuracy of the RRCE calculations.

Additionally, a major effort of the section's auditing staff is to investigate areas of concern that are highlighted in the monthly monitoring and analytical reports.

Analysis, Evaluation and Forecasting

The Electricity Section evaluates and documents the findings from monitoring and auditing activities, generally, within 30 days of the closing of Alabama Power Co.'s books and records. The documentation is as follows:

1) Monthly evaluation of Rate RSE

2) Effect of variances in expenses and revenues on rate of return

3) Fuel and purchased power expenses

4) Energy cost recovery

5) Operation expense

6) Maintenance expense

7) Depreciation expense

8) Decommissioning cost for nuclear facilities

9) AFUDC and interest expense

10) Operating revenues


11) Unit power, economy and emergency sales

12) Advertising expense

13) Unit cost of generating facilities

14) Coal costs

15) Operational statistical data by division

16) Steam heat operating revenues and expenses

The section conducts on-site investigations requiring examination of work papers, financial reports and other records. When necessary, the staff conducts meetings with officials of Alabama Power Co. and/or Southern Co. Services, Inc. to discuss related matters (company policy, audit exceptions, filings, company programs, etc.).

In addition, the staff prepares a Retail Return on Common Equity forecast for each point of test in the calendar year. Also, the section conducts annual analyses of the company's budget, return on investment by customer classification, the Jurisdictional Allocation Study factors and the Cost Allocation Methodologies from Southern Co. Services, Inc.

Finally, the section analyzes and makes recommendations on all tariff changes and special contracts filed by Alabama Power. The staff participates in all proceedings before the Commission relating to Alabama Power. They respond to inquiries from law offices, consulting firms, utilities, consumers and other regulatory bodies regarding electricity rates, regulatory practices and industry restructuring.


The Natural Gas Section is responsible for the regulation of all publicly owned natural gas distribution, transportation, storage, and intrastate natural gas and oil pipelines in Alabama, and the monitoring of the RSE and related programs for Alabama Gas Corp.

Rate Stabilization and Equalization (RSE)

Each month this section examines the books and records of Alabama Gas Corp. (Alagasco), determines the return on average common equity for the preceding 12-month period and reports the financial and operational results of the previous month, including the return on average common equity, to the Commission. It also graphically summarizes the recent history of capital structure, returns and residential bills.

Under the RSE plan, the only time the company can receive an increase is December 1. If the projected return, based on the budget approved by the utility's board of directors, is less than 13.15 percent, rates are increased December 1 to bring the return at the end of the fiscal year to 13.4 percent. If the projected return is more than 13.65 percent, rates are decreased to bring the return to 13.4 percent. If the projected return is between 13.15 and 13.65 percent, inclusive, no adjustment is made. Subsequent points of test, based on the projected return at September 30, the end of Alagasco's fiscal year, can yield only decreases or no change, effective April 1, July 1, and October 1.

The Natural Gas Section evaluated four RSE filings by Alagasco during FY-99.

Eff. Date Increase (Decrease)

December 1, 1998 6,581,737

April 1, 1999 0

July 1, 1999 0

October 1, 1999 0

Alagasco also has an incentive program, the Cost Control Measure, under which it must keep growth in operation and maintenance expenses below a specified range or face penalties. The utility has a real-time temperature adjustment that adjusts bills for the effect of abnormally high or low temperatures on the recovery of non-gas costs. The section monitors both of these programs to ensure that they are conducted in accordance with the approved tariff.

Local Distribution Companies

Another function of the Natural Gas Section is to maintain statistical data and keep the Commission informed on all facets of the gas utilities' operations. Under that function, the following reports are prepared regularly:

• Revenue and Expense Analysis

• Competitive Fuel Clause

• Gas Supply/Purchased Gas Adjustment

• Return on Average Common Equity

During FY-99, the Natural Gas Section was responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the Commission on all matters pertaining to the following local distribution companies:

• Alabama Gas Corp.

• CoGasCo

• Mobile Gas Service Corp.

• Wheeler Basin Natural Gas Co.

The section conducts its own investigations requiring examination of work papers, financial reports and other records. The findings are documented and evaluated in written reports, and, when appropriate, meetings with officials of the respective gas companies are held to discuss the results.

The section evaluated Alagasco's application for authority to establish an Enhanced Stability Reserve (ESR) in an amount not to exceed $4,000,000. The reserve was to be used to: (1) dampen the adverse effects of natural disasters and other force majeure events on Alagasco's operation and maintenance expenses; and (2) mitigate the effects of revenue variances and load loss among its large commercial and industrial (LCLI) customers. In September 1998, the Commission granted interim approval of the request, and allowed an initial accrual of $2,547,000 to establish the ESR, "subject to a final report and recommendation by Commission staff." The matter carried over to FY-99, and was approved, with significant modifications, in October 1998.

The section met with Alabama Gas to discuss the formation of Alagasco Home Services, a plan to develop alternative sources of income for the company through business alliances with Fox Alarms, Arch Paging, AAA, and Dream Home Tours. These alliances will generate additional revenues that will benefit customers because all other Income items are included in RSE computations.

The section met with Alagasco to examine possible measures to mitigate any potential losses caused by an existing customer that was experiencing extreme financial difficulties.

The section met with Mobile Gas concerning the impact of the temperature adjustment on customer bills due to the wide variation in degree-days for the billing period. The company voluntarily made adjustments to the most extreme of these bills. The section and Mobile Gas also discussed potential means of preventing a recurrence of this problem.

The section evaluated Wheeler Basin's request for approval of an Affiliate Services Agreement and Credit Facility. The Affiliate Services Agreement formalized the accounting relationship between Wheeler Basin and its parent, Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corp. The Credit Facility provided for financing for Wheeler Basin's ongoing operations. After multiple meetings with Wheeler Basin and subsequent revisions to the original application, the section, along with the Advisory and Legal divisions, recommended and the Commission granted approval to the application.

Intrastate Pipeline and Storage Companies

During FY-99, the Natural Gas Section was responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the Commission on all matters pertaining to the following intrastate pipeline and storage companies:

• Bay Gas Storage Co., Inc.

• Callon Petroleum Co.

• Duke Energy Field Services, Inc.

• Escambia Partners, LTD

• Pine Energies

• Southern Gas Transmission Co.

• Tennessee River Intrastate Gas Co.

During FY-98, the Natural Gas Section began investigations regarding DTE Biomass which was contemplating serving a customer or customers in Montgomery by building a line from the Montgomery landfill to a customer and transporting "garbage" gas for use by that customer. The section also investigated Koch Gateway Pipeline Co. which was contemplating serving a customer or customers in south Alabama by building a line from a natural gas producer to a customer and transporting gas to that customer for transmission in its pipeline. Both matters carried over into FY-99. After extensive investigation of the specifics of the projects, the section communicated the joint opinion of the Energy and Legal divisions stating that, based on the staff investigations, the projects were not subject to the rate jurisdiction of the Commission.


The section participated in a Commission task force regarding the Year 2000 (Y2K) computer issues and met with officials of the respective gas companies regarding the same issue.

The section met with representatives of Maxwell AFB regarding its planned privatization of its utility operations.

The section participated in discussions with officials at Redstone Arsenal concerning its privatization plan.

The section participated in a series of meetings with officials of the United States Army and interested parties discussing the divestiture of the utility infrastructure of Fort McClellan as part of the base closure process.

The section prepared a speech for Commissioner Sullivan.

A section member participated on a PSC task force regarding the restructuring of the electricity industry.

A section member participated in the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs' Policy Advisory Council.

The section members participated in the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' Staff Subcommittees on Gas and Accounts.

The section participated in a special project related to the potential sale of the Birmingham Water Works.

The section prepared its portion of the Commission's Web page, including the links for other related sites.

The section investigated, analyzed, and reported on approximately 70 additional matters, including special contracts, tariff changes, gas supply adjustment filings, purchased gas adjustment filings, new rates, certificates, municipal acquisition audits, and related matters. The section also investigated requests for gas service, and responded to a large number of requests by the general public for rate information, financial data, tariff sheets, and other information.


The Water Section is responsible for regulating seven investor-owned and out-of-state water systems that have authority to operate in Alabama. The duties of the Water Section include inspecting the facilities, reviewing the financial books and records, working with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management staff, preparing reports as a result of inspections and visits, and conducting audits.

The section reviews and evaluates new water utilities desiring authority to operate and makes recommendations on such applications. The section investigates existing companies seeking to sell assets, evaluates applications for rate increases, and participates in hearings, as appropriate.

From October 1, 1998, through September 30, 1999, two water utilities requested approval of tariff changes and one utility requested oversight by the Commission.

The section participated in the study of two river basins led by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Office of Water Resources, in a dispute over water needs for the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The basin affecting this state includes the Alabama, Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers.

During FY-99, the Commission received 135 water system complaints and inquiries.


The Gas Pipeline Safety Section conducts and carries out the inspection and monitoring activities of all gas and hazardous liquid pipeline systems operating in Alabama, including offshore in state waters. The responsibility was given to the Commission by the Alabama Legislature to assure and obtain compliance with the Minimum Federal Gas Pipeline Safety Standards adopted by the United States Department of Transportation pursuant to the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968.

The Alabama Public Service Commission currently regulates 115 intrastate gas systems, 93 master meters, nine hazardous liquid systems, three liquefied petroleum systems and five liquefied natural gas systems.

The Gas Pipeline Safety Section develops and presents programs to promote safe operations by natural gas transmission and distribution systems. When a system is in noncompliance, immediate action is taken.

An important function of this section is accident prevention. The section conducts safety seminars around the state, as well as fire schools and plastic pipe qualification classes.

A tabulation of the section's activities in FY-99 is listed below:

1. Inspections

a. Gas Pipeline Safety -- 824

i. Enforcement Actions -- 112

ii. Non-compliances Noted -- 183

iii. Non-compliances Corrected -- 91

iv. Construction Projects -- 369

2. Safety Education Programs -- 196

3. Pipeline Safety Incident Investigations -- 9


The Technical Section monitors the generation, transmission and distribution operations of Alabama Power Co., purchase options and operational activities of regulated gas utilities, and operations management of regulated water utilities. The section also performs engineering analyses of utility plant additions.

These responsibilities are accomplished by visiting electricity generating plants, transmission and distribution offices and field operations, monitoring construction projects, arranging and attending various technical meetings with corporate planners within utilities. The Technical Section also provides direct assistance to utility customers through telephone and personal communications, including customer site visits.

The section also provides assistance to other sections in the division and the Commission.

The section makes a diligent effort to stay abreast of the latest technological developments in the electric, gas and water industries. The section also reviews research and development projects undertaken by regulated utility companies.

The section's activities in FY-99 are listed below:

1. Utility Plant Inspections -- 55

a. Electric Transmission & Distribution Facilities -- 31

b. Electric Generating Facilities -- 13

c. Natural Gas Facilities -- 10

d. Water Facilities -- 1


Carl L. Evans, Chief Administrative Law Judge

The Legal Division consists of the Chief Administrative Law Judge, Administrative Law Judges, and legal secretaries. The Judges serve as hearing officers in all cases before the Commission. These hearings involve motor carrier cases, utility cases, and other matters.

The Legal Division provides legal advice to the Commissioners and staff members, as well as the public. It prepares written reports and recommended orders and drafts many of the final orders of the Commission. The Legal Division also prepares opinions and memoranda on legal questions involving the Commission's jurisdiction. Furthermore, the Legal Division spends a considerable amount of time on issues involving rulemaking and revision of rules, and works with other divisions in drafting and reviewing legislation for the Commission.

Slamming is a continuing problem. The Legal Division has heard and processed several matters concerning penalties against telecommunications companies that have engaged in this practice.

During the past fiscal year, the Legal Division conducted hearings involving approximately 202 matters and processed hundreds of applications not requiring a formal hearing. The length of hearings vary from 30 minutes or so to several days.

A tabulation of the number and types of inquiries handled by the division is not feasible. Such inquiries are numerous and cover subjects as broad as the Commission's jurisdiction and beyond. These inquiries come from the public in general, the Commissioners, staff members, attorneys, the Legislature of Alabama, federal agencies, agencies of Alabama and other states, and all types of businesses regulated by the Commission.

The Legal Division assists Commission staff attorneys and outside attorneys in Commission matters before the courts of Alabama, federal courts, and federal agencies.

It is anticipated that the number of hearings and other activities will increase during the upcoming fiscal year.


The Telecommunication Division's goal is to ensure the state's telecommunications customers get the best possible service for the lowest possible cost and that the state's telecommunications companies remain financially able to maintain good service while keeping costs as low as possible.

A description of the activities of each section of Telecommunications during FY-99 follows.


The Telecommunications Auditing Section’s FY-99 activities are summarized below:

1) Staff communicated with all Local Exchange Companies (LECs), Interexchange Carriers (IXCs), Resellers, Aggregators and Operator Service Providers to assure timely and accurate reporting, as well as maintained records for all the above.

2) In accordance with dockets 24472 and 24499, the staff prepared rate rebalancing adjustments for the Local Exchange Companies and monitored the implementation of those adjustments. Also, under these dockets, staff advised the Interexchange Carriers of the effect of the Rate Rebalancing adjustments and ensured that the IXCs flowed through the savings over a specified period of time. Staff answered carriers' questions, reviewed the IXCs' work papers, filings and monitored flowthrough activities of the major carriers during FY-99. These activities will be continued into FY-2000.

3) Staff participated in audits of Local Exchange Companies as directed by the Commission. Such audits assured that Local Exchange Companies followed Commission orders and policies concerning deposit refunds, compliance with existing Commission directives as well as the Commission's T-Rules and G-Rules.

4) Staff reviewed Local Exchange Telephone Companies' Service Price Index (SPI) filings, communicated with the LECs' concerning the filings, and performed audits as required to assure accuracy and completeness of the reports. Staff also performed audits of the Transition Service Fund, Alabama Service Fund, Primary Carrier Plan Fund, Rate Rebalancing, Lifeline and Area Calling Service Fund. These funds are in accordance with Dockets 24499, 24472, 24030 and 24865.

5) Staff reviewed Local Exchange Companies' proposed Area Calling Plans.

6) Staff reviewed BellSouth's Section 271 Petition for Approval of Generally Available Terms and Conditions Pursuant to Section 252(f) of the Telecommunications Act of 1966 (Docket 25835). Staff issued data requests, reviewed data, exhibits and testimony submitted by company. Staff also participated in Commission workshops and attended company presentations, and reviewed state and federal 271 decisions. Staff assisted in drafting orders and proposed orders for Commission review.

7) Staff reviewed and participated in BellSouth/e.spire/Intermedia arbitration issues (Docket 26794, 26786).

8) Docket No. 25980-Implemented requirements of the Telecommunications Act of 1996:

• Worked with Rural Health and ADECA to assist in proper awareness of all provisions of the

Telecommunications Act of 1996.

• Assured that Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs) have amended their tariffs to comply with the Telecommunications Act.

• Reviewed requirement for the definition of Universal Service; affordability; carriers eligible

for Universal Service support; high cost areas/support for low-income consumers and discounts for schools, libraries and rural health care providers.

9) Staff analyzed and reviewed GTE's Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost (TELRIC) filing under Docket 25704.

10) Staff participated in CLEC arbitration issues.

11) Staff participated in the establishment and review of BellSouth service quality measurements (Docket 25835).


The Price Cap staff monitors the operations of BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. (BellSouth) to ensure compliance with the Price Regulation and Local Competition plan which was approved by the Commission on September, 20, 1995. Prior to the approval of this plan, BellSouth was regulated by means of the Rate Stabilization and Equalization (RSE) plan. Under the RSE plan, BellSouth's prices were indirectly regulated through the regulation of BellSouth's cost and earnings (income, expenses, depreciation rates, rate of return, etc.)

Under the Price Regulation plan, the Commission no longer regulates BellSouth based on its costs or earnings levels, nor does it establish depreciation rates. Instead, the Commission directly regulates the prices charged to customers for the tariffed services of BellSouth by giving consideration to market conditions of the telecommunications industry. Price regulation ensures BellSouth is afforded the best opportunity to remain viable in the telecommunications industry that lies ahead.

Price Regulation is designed to: (1) directly regulate the prices of basic telephone services, thereby providing greater long-term stability in local service rates; (2) provide pricing flexibility to BellSouth for non-basic services to effectively respond to consumer needs; (3) improve the Commission's ability to regulate and control the provision of telecommunications services to the public in a changing environment where competition and technology innovation are increasing; and (4) increase the economic incentives for improved management efficiency and deployment of new and potentially risky technology.

All of BellSouth's tariffed services are assigned to one of three categories: basic, non-basic and interconnection. Each category has specific pricing rules which respond to the level of oversight necessary for these services and their respective markets. BellSouth was directed to adjust existing prices for basic services in accordance with a schedule specified in the order. Basic services are those basic local exchange services provided to business and residential customers which are generally necessary to make or receive a call within the local calling area, including area calling service.

The prices for basic services are capped for a five-year period. Beginning in year six, prices increases for services assigned to the basic category are authorized in accordance with a price regulation index (PRI). The PRI is based on the annual change in the Gross Domestic Product Price Index (GDP-PI). The GDP-PI is reduced by any efficiency factor and by any penalties for missing the service quality parameters. Except for residential services which can only be increased by the change in the PRI, services may be increased or decreased by any amount as long as the aggregate price change for the category does not exceed the PRI. To determine the change in prices for the category, a Service Price Index (SPI) is developed. An SPI report is filed annually, and each time a change in prices is proposed.

Four service quality standards (overall trouble report rates, trouble report rates for individual wire centers, held applications and receipt to final status) will be used for the purposes of the BellSouth PRI. These standards will be analyzed on an annual basis and can affect the PRI levels associated with annual filings. In the event that one or more of these standards is not met, the efficiency factor, which is initially set at 3 percent, will be increased by 0.25 for each standard missed.

Non-basic services are all those services, excluding interconnection services, which are considered optional, supplemental, and/or discretionary in nature. No price increases were authorized for services assigned to the non-basic category for the first 12 months of the plan. Beginning with year two, any increase in aggregate prices in this category is limited to a maximum of 10 percent of aggregate non-basic service revenues for a given year (from one anniversary date to another).

BellSouth petitioned the Commission on May 24, 1999, for approval to make tariff adjustments, increasing non-basic service revenues by the amount of $12,334,059, pursuant to the restrictions placed on this category. The Commission staff work group concluded that an examination of the reasonableness of the prices proposed for each individual non-basic service element was appropriate and initiated its element-by-element investigation by requesting justification from BellSouth for each proposed increase in non-basic services. After meeting with BellSouth representatives, Commission staff members from the Telecommunications, Advisory and Consumer Services divisions met with representatives of each of the Commissioners' offices and concluded that many of the requested increases were not in the best interest of the BellSouth customers in this state. BellSouth reduced its amount of increased rates for these services at the request of the staff. The remaining rates from this filing went into effect on August 2, 1999, in the amount of $4,119,848.

Interconnection services allow other telecommunications providers to interconnect to the LEC's network in order to originate or terminate calls. The interconnection category includes switched access and local interconnection services. Price decreases for intrastate switched access are scheduled to occur annually through 1999, beginning with a decrease to mirror interstate decreases plus an additional one-cent-per-minute for two ends of access. Thereafter, access prices will be capped at the lower of interstate access rates or the intrastate rates in effect on July 1, 1999. Ultimately, however, the rates for intrastate and interstate access should be the same.

Along with its filing for the introduction of a new service, BellSouth requests assignment of the service into one of the three service categories. BellSouth may also request the reclassification of any service previously assigned to one of the three service categories and is responsible for providing appropriate justification to the Commission to support its request. However, the Commission will make the final determination regarding the classification or reclassification of any service in accordance with the provisions of the tariff requirements of the order.

By filing received on January 22, 1998, BellSouth requested and received approval on March 23, 1998, to reclassify area calling service premium calling, premium area calling service, complete choice service and area plus service with the complete choice option from the basic services category to the non-basic services category. All non-premium area calling service plans remained in the basic service category.

The Commission continues to require tariffs to be filed for all basic, non-basic and interconnection services. Tariff filings, along with any categorization of services as basic or non-basic, become effective as filed, unless there is intervention by a third party or investigation by the Commission. In the event there is a third party intervention or Commission investigation of tariff filings for price increases or for categorization of services, the tariffs will be allowed to go into effect subject to a decision by the Commission that the tariff filings are appropriate, just and reasonable. Third-party intervention or Commission investigation of tariff filings for price decreases, promotional offerings, and any expansion of services to the approved list of contract service arrangements will result in such filings being suspended pending a decision from the Commission. A summary of tariff requirements is set forth in section 13.07 of the order.


The Compliance Section has the responsibility for monitoring the quality of service provided and for ensuring proper rates are applied by Customer-Owned Coin-Operated Telephone Service (COCOTS) providers, Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) pay telephone service providers, Shared Tenant Service (STS) providers, and Hotels/Motels to ensure compliance with the Commission's requirements regarding telecommunications services. Pursuant to passage of Act 99-399 by the Legislature, the Commission is reviewing its regulatory authority over Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers.

The Compliance Section also has the responsibility of verifying utility boundary lines for 34 local exchange carriers.

The following is a summary of the section’s activities in FY-99:


Consumer Complaints - 16

Special Projects - 34


Customer-Owned Pay Phone Providers:

Coin - 2,686

Coinless - 40

Local Exchange Carrier Pay Phones:

Coin - 150

Coinless - 22

Number of Pay Phone Companies Providing Inmate Service - 3


Attended - 192


Customer-Owned Pay Phone Providers - 41

Commercial Radio Service Providers - 12

Shared Tenant Service Providers - 23

Pay Phone Providers by Local Exchange Carriers - 10


Customer-Owned Pay Phone:

Applications - 36

Certificate canceled - 20

Commercial Radio Service Providers:

Applications - 7

Tariff - 7

Certificate canceled - 3

Revisions - 2

Shared Tenant Service (STS):

Applications - 2


Orders - 65

Talking Papers - 65

Company Letters - 133


Weekly - 208

Monthly - 48

Quarterly - 16

Annual - 4


Local Exchange Carriers - 34

Customer Owned Payphone Providers - 133

Shared Tenant Service Providers - 31

Commercial Radio Service Providers - 22


The Engineering Section is responsible for monitoring the quality of service of all local exchange telephone companies operating in Alabama. The staff conducts major inspections to compare existing levels of service with required APSC rules, industry standards and various electrical and safety codes. The staff also reviews plant records and capital recovery rates and monitors construction work involving plant upgrades and additions.

The Engineering Section performed the following services during FY-99:

Quality of Service Inspections were performed on the following companies:

Valley Telephone Company

Interstate Telephone Company

Brindlee Mountain Telephone Company

BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.

GTE South, Inc./Contel

Blountsville Telephone Company

Moundville Telephone Company

National Telephone Company

The Engineering Section monitored the following telephone plant construction:

Ardmore Tel. Co.: Outside Plant (New Loan)

Butler Tel. Co.: Outside Plant/Inside Plt (In Progress)

Gulf Tel. Co.: Outside Plant/Inside Plt (In Progress)

Hopper Tel. Co.: Outside Plant (Complete)

Mon-Cre Tel. Coop.: Outside Plant (In Progress)


Peoples Tel. Co.: Outside Plant (Complete)

Pine Belt Tel. Co.: Outside Plant/Inside Plt (In Progress)

Farmers Tel. Co.: Outside Plant (In Progress)

The Engineering Section assisted the Consumer Services Section in the disposition of telephone customer complaints.

The Engineering Section reviewed capital recovery studies and prepared orders for revised depreciation rates for the following companies (some in progress):

Gulf Tel. Co. - U-3921

Peoples Tel. Co. - U-3922

Oakman Tel. Co. - U-3923

Grove Hill Tel. Co. - U-3924

Goshen Tel. Co. - U-3925

Butler Tel. Co. - U-3926

Farmers Tel. Co. - U-3931

Frontier - Monroeville - U-3933

Frontier - Southland - U-3934


Blountsville Tel. Co. - U-3989

Union Springs Tel. Co. - U-4046

Valley Tel. Co. - U-4054

Interstate Tel. Co. - U-4055

Frontier - Lamar Tel. Co. - U-4068

Alltel Tel. Co. - In Progress

New Hope Tel. Co. - In Progress

Millry Tel. Co. - In Progress

Ragland Tel. Co. - In Progress

Pine Belt Tel. Co. - In Progress

Castleberry Tel. Co. - In Progress


The Tariff Section assists the Commission, consumers, and telecommunication companies in all matters that relate to rates and tariffs, as well as rate and tariff matters filed with the FCC. The Section advises the Commission of the effect of proposed tariff changes including rate charges and changes in terms and conditions.

This section processes the tariffs of all telecommunication utilities regulated by the Commission. The Section reviews the tariffs for compliance with Commission rules and regulations and performs detailed analysis of tariffs when necessary. It conducts investigations as necessary to prepare reports that are presented to the Commission during formal proceedings. This section also develops and administers a program of statistical, economical, and accounting analyses and evaluation of the reasonableness of the utility's services, rates, and tariffs.

Upon request, this section advises the various telecommunication utilities encountering tariff problems and holds conferences relating to procedural matters concerning rate and tariff applications.

The Tariff Section reviews the records of the regulated telecommunication companies to determine their compliance with the Commission's rules and regulations. It determines if changes to tariffs filed with the Commission are properly prepared and audits the utilities in connection with the rates and tariffs to determine the basis of costs, billing determinants, and other accounting matters. This section advises the utility's staff on current tariff matters and analyzes and suggests solutions to tariff matters.

During FY-99, the Tariff Section received 66 applications for toll resale and 52 applications for competitive local service in Alabama. The Tariff Section has the responsibility to determine whether the applicant is able to provide adequate service at a reasonable rate on an ongoing basis.

This involves analysis of proposed tariffs for compliance with Commission rules and regulations. Tariff Section analysts also evaluate products offered by the applicant to assure that these services are in the public interest. Analysts must review the applicant's financial condition to determine the ability of the applicant to offer service on a long-term basis.

The Tariff Section also reviewed 77 interconnection, 104 resale, and 4 collocation agreements during the year. Analysts examine the agreements to determine whether such agreements comply with the requirements of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Alabama Public Service Commission requirements.

The Tariff Section received, reviewed, analyzed and made recommendations on the tariff filings shown on the attached.

20115-Cable & Wireless, Inc.-Change name to Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.

20512-Competitive Edge Telecommunications, Inc.-Cancel Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.

21878-Montel Communications, Inc. d/b/a MONTELCOM-Cancel certificate.

22351-Tel-Save, Inc. d/b/a The Phone Company and also d/b/a Network Services of New Hope-Change name: Holding Corp. d/b/a The Phone Company and also d/b/a Network Services of New Hope.

22395-Telegroup, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

22775-Strategic Alliances, Inc. d/b/a London Telecom Network Corp.-Change name to London Telecom Network Corp.

23059-Hospitality Communications Corp. d/b/a HCC Telemanagement-Cancel certificate.

23191-PSP Marketing Group, Inc. d/b/a The I. T. Group-Cancel certificate.

23407-USX Consultants, Inc.-Cancel Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.

23735-Consolidated Communications Telecom Services, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

24290-ACC National Long Distance Inc.-Use d/b/a Vista International Communications (Avista)

24340-GTE Telecommunications Services, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

24620-Central Payphone Services, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

24892-Dial Distance, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25008-American Express Telecom, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25038-SmarTalk TeleServices, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25120-ValueTel, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25123-DeltaTel, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25172-American Telco, Inc.-Change name to Logix Communications Corporation.

25263-North American Intelecom, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25358-Host Network, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25411-LD Services, Inc.-Change name to CEO Telecommunications, Inc.

25434-Coastal Telecom Limited Liability Co.-Cancel certificate.

25530-Alternative Long Distance, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25539-Five Star Telecom, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25588-BellSouth and Intermedia Communications-Amended Interconnection Agreement.

25644-Anchor Communications Corp.-Cancel certificate.

25672-Metracom Corp.-Change name to Metracom LLC.

25672-MetraCom LLC-Change name to UniDial Telecommunications LLC.

25673-GE Capital Communication Services-Cancel certificate.

25687-BellSouth and e.spire Communications, Inc.-Amended Interconnection Agreement.

25689-Intercontinental Communications Group, Inc.-Change name to Intercontinental Communications Group, Inc. d/b/a Fusion Telecom, d/b/a Fusion - Trucker Phone.

25796-All American Telephone, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25935-US Telco, Inc.-Cancel certificate.

25978-ACS Telecom, Inc.-Change name to AlternaTel.

26006-VYVX, Inc.-Change name to Williams Communications, Inc. d/b/a VYVX, Inc.

26047-Advanced Management Services, Inc.-Change name to AS Telecommunications, Inc. d/b/a ALLSTAR Telecom

26047-AS Telecommunications, Inc. d/b/a Allstar Telecom-Change name: AS Telecommunications, Inc. f/k/a Advanced Management Services, Inc.

26087-ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc. d/b/a ACSI-Change name: ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc. d/b/a e.spire

26099-Startec Global Licensing Co.-Cancel certificate.

26186-Jerry LaQuiere d/b/a Lec-Link-Cancel certificate.

26408-Moundville Telephone Co., Inc.-Area Calling Service ACS (extend additional six months).

26408-Moundville Telephone Co., Inc.-Introduce Area Calling Service.

26408-Moundville Telephone Co., Inc.-Approval to introduce Area Calling Service (Extension) (Order walked through.)

26872-Dakota Services LTD-Name change to @link Networks, Inc.

D-1558-Peoples Telephone Co.-Offer Volunteer Services.

D-1559-EZ Talk Communications-Increase residential local line rate.

D-1560-Butler Telephone Co.-Offer Volunteer Service.

D-1561-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Add Custom Calling Local Area Signaling Per Use to tariff.

D-1562-Inacom Communications, Inc.-Add INACALL Plus Service and reduce SDN service.

D-1563-GTE South, Inc.-Clarify language for Optional Extended Area Service and correct billing codes for Local Calling Plan.

D-1564-Contel of the South-Add Woodland and Anniston OEAS.

D-1565-Business Telecom, Inc.-Introduce two new services.

D-1566-ITC^DeltaCom-Add several new optional features and Imageline.

D-1567-MCI Telecommunications Corp.-Reduce various per minute usage rates to flow through access reductions.

D-1568-Sprint-Make numerous tariff revisions and make a correction.

D-1569-Oakman Telephone Co.-Offer Volunteer Services.

D-1570-Claricom Networks, Inc.-Adds additional service offerings and new discount plans.

D-1571-Allnet Communication Services, Inc.-Introduce switched and dedicated service option, and month-to-month volume discounts.

D-1572-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce pricing threshold for Platinum Value Plan and add operator service text changes.

D-1573-Business Telecom, Inc.-Introduce two new services.

D-1574-GTE South, Inc.-Add Wing exchange to the local calling plan for Andalusia.

D-1575-AT&T-Revise Prepaid Card Service, add Collectible Rechargeable prepaid cards, revise discounts for Commercial Dollar Option Prepaid Cards, and make text changes.

D-1576-ITC^DeltaCom-Change name of various business products and reduce payphone surcharge.

D-1577-AT&T-Introduce Use of AT&T Marks by Resellers.

D-1578-American Communication Services of Montgomery, American Communication Services of Birmingham, American Communication Services-Expands Platinum service to include city of Mobile.

D-1579-Long Distance International, Inc.-Introduce LDI prepaid calling card service, add prepaid calling card language, and make minor text changes.

D-1580-NXLD Company d/b/a Nextel Long Distance-Reduce rates for Message Telecommuni-cations services.

D-1581-LCI International, Inc.-Introduce new service and modify Early Termination Charges language.

D-1582-GTE South, Inc.-Add Message Waiting Indication-Visual.

D-1583-Contel of the South, Inc. d/b/a GTE Systems of the South-Add Message Waiting Indication-Visual.

D-1584-ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc.-Reduce Switched Toll Free and 1+ Long Distance rates.

D-1585-SouthernNet, Inc.-Introduce 10-10-220 Plan.

D-1586-ASC Telecom-Grandfather Debit Card Service.

D-1587-Sprint-Introduce Real Solutions Annual text, and rename Resale Solutions to Single Source Solutions.

D-1590-Citizens Telecommunications Co.-Add pay phone surcharge.

D-1591-American Communication Services of Montgomery, American Communication Services of Birmingham, American Communications Services of Mobile-Reduce monthly recurring rate for Basic Exchange Line and Basic Analog PBX trunk services.

D-1592-Acc National Long Distance Corp. d/b/a Vista International Communications-Introduce new offering and provide new regulations related to new service.

D-1593-American Communication Services of Montgomery, American Communication Services of Birmingham, American Communications Services of Mobile-Introduce e.spire Gold service.

D-1594-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce Bulk Pricing Plan.

D-1595-Gulf Telephone Co.-Remove listings in Additional Features, decrease rate for Station Line, and make textual changes.

D-1596-Knology of Montgomery, Inc.-Add private branch exchange (PBX) service and add termination charge for business.

D-1597-Millry Telephone Co.-Call Return as a usage sensitive custom calling feature.

D-1598-Century Telecommunications, Inc.-Change name to CenturyTel Telecommunications, Inc.

D-1599-Mon-Cre Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Offer toll restriction service features to their customers.

D-1600-Ragland Telephone Co., Inc.-Offer a new area calling service option.

D-1601-SmarTalk TeleServices, Inc.-Make textual changes and add new product and corresponding rates.

D-1602-Ardmore Telephone Co., Inc.-Reduce rates for Area Calling Service.

D-1603-Sprint-Introduce Sprint Business Flex.

D-1604-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce new rate for Affinity Calling Card and make minor text changes.

D-1605-AT&T-Grandfather Software Defined Data Network.

D-1606-St. Joe Communications, Inc.-Establish Business Plan and Business Plus calling features and rates.

D-1607-LCI International Telecom Corp.-Name change: d/b/a Qwest Communications Services.

D-1608-AT&T-Revise text for CTS Expanded Savings.

D-1609-Knology of Montgomery, Inc.-Add new centrex service.

D-1611-ITC^DeltaCom-Make text changes, add rules regarding ICB, reserve various services, and add new services.

D-1612-Paramount Wireless Communications Corp.-Change name to Columbia Telecommuni-cations, Inc. d/b/a Axessa.

D-1613-Cable & Wireless, Inc.-Change Operator Services listings.

D-1614-Long Distance Wholesale Club, Inc.-Introduce Excel 1010297 Flat Rate Residential program.

D-1615-National Telephone & Communications, Inc.-Add Ultima I & II, grandfather Sure$saver Service, and delete Equinox Debit Card.

D-1616-Sprint-Introduce Sprint International Work At Home Product and make textual changes.

D-1618-Gulf Telephone Co.-Correct a calculation error resulting from rate rebalancing to the ASF.

D-1619-MCI Telecommunications Corp.-Introduce Option EE and make text changes under Time of Day Discount Periods.

D-1620-Excel Telecommunications, Inc.-Introduce Excel Simply 7 Service.

D-1621-ITC^DeltaCom-Add new service to businesses, reduce rates of Business Line, add new service to residential customers, and make textual changes.

D-1622-ACC National Long Distance Corp. d/b/a Vista International Communications-Text changes to 1010345 and add Lucky Dog Prepaid Card Service.

D-1623-SouthernNet, Inc.-Grandfather SMART-minutes.

D-1624-SNET America, Inc.-Add debit card service and make textual changes.

D-1626-AT&T-Digital Link ISDN text changes.

D-1627-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Revise Calling Card and Message Telecommunications Service section.

D-1628-Worldcom Technologies, Inc.-Introduce On-Net service.

D-1630-Excel Telecommunications, Inc.-Introduce Simply Seven service.

D-1631-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce Conference Calling with Calling Card Options.

D-1632-Ameritech Communications International, Inc.-Introduce Global Calling Card and make text changes.

D-1633-UniversalCom, Inc.-Add a new service offering.

D-1634-Sprint-Add new services, grandfather existing services, and make text changes.

D-1635-Telco Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Dial & Save-Introduce Telco Dealer Service Program.

D-1636-BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.-Extend Premier Toll Free promotion and make textual changes.

D-1637-Farmers Telephone Cooperative-Textual changes.

D-1638-ITC^DeltaCom-Notify customers of options that are served for currently subscribed customers and text changes.

D-1639-Z-Tel, Inc.-Change name to StormTel, Inc.

D-1640-Excel Telecommunications, Inc.-Introduce promotional prepaid calling card.

D-1641-Sprint-Introduce $36,000 commitment level for Real Solutions.

D-1642-Sprint-Flat rate the usage rate applicable to FONCARD calls.

D-1643-New Hope Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Offer CLASS features.

D-1644-Allnet Communications Services-Increase the billing increment for Maxcess III, Premier, Premier Elite, Vantage, HomeSaver, Multipoint, Product One, Access Travel and Spectrum.

D-1646-Business Telecom, Inc. d/b/a BTI-Add two new services.

D-1647-Teltrust Communications Services, Inc.-Introduce Simple Dialing product.

D-1648-New Hope Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Increase ISDN centrex rates.

D-1650-DaveTel, Inc.-Change initial period for sent paid coin calls.

D-1651-Sprint Telecommunications-Introduce Retail Prepaid Calling Card Option A.

D-1652-Peoples Telephone Co.-Remove Mobile Telephone and Paging Service.

D-1653-Sprint Telecommunications-Introduce Unlimited product.

D-1654-Americatel Corp. d/b/a 10 123 Americatel and 1010 123 Americatel-Make text changes, add new companies’ telephone number.

D-1655-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce new rates for surcharge based prepaid calling service.

D-1656-GTE Communication Corp.-Introduce Business Value Plan.

D-1657-AT&T-Introduce Seamless Link Service.

D-1658-ITC^DeltaCom-Notify customers of services reserved for currently subscribed customers and no longer available to new customers.

D-1659-ITC^DeltaCom-Add additional extended local calling areas and monthly recurring charges.

D-1660-Touch 1 Communications, Inc.-Correct text change, delete Internet offerings, delete Simply All Yours and Telecommunications Box 1, introduce First Touch Flat II, and reduce rate for all Sunday calls.

D-1661-MCI-Grandfather Vnet and networkMCI One Market Area Calling.

D-1662-KMC Telecom, Inc.-Amend footers throughout tariff and amend Switched Access Rates.

D-1663-Long Distance Wholesale Club-Introduce Long Distance Wholesale Club prepaid calling card, introduce Simply 7 service, and introduce 10-10-297.

D-1664-American Communications of Montgomery, Inc. d/b/a e.spire APSC, American Communications of Birmingham, d/b/a e.spire APSC, American Communications Service of Mobile, Inc. d/b/a e.spire APSC-Introduce e.spire Platinum ISDN service.

D-1665-Telco Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Dial & Save-Introduce promotional prepaid calling card, introduce Simply 7, and reduce surcharge for Telco Dealer Service Program.

D-1666-MCI Telecommunications Corp.-Add pay phone use charge to various options.

D-1667-National Telephone & Communications, Inc.-Add Select USA and Select World plans and revise the Ultima I and II plans.

D-1668-NOS Communications, Inc.-Adjust call units, revise terms of promotional offerings and make textual changes.

D-1669-MCI-Add recovery of collection costs language and change on-net voice to on-net service.

D-1671-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Modify three-digit carrier identification codes and modify 800/888 to 800/888/877.

D-1672-Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.-Change Call Club to 10 10 566, delete promotion, and make text changes.

D-1673-Intermedia Communications, Inc.-Restructure Frame Relay service, add or revise long distance services, and make textual changes.

D-1674-WorldCom Technologies, Inc.-Revise charges and discount schedule applicable to Metro Frame Relay Service and delete toll-free service feature.

D-1675-Frontier Communications of Lamar County, Inc.-Introduce Class Features.

D-1676-NOSVA Limited Partnership-Add non-usage charges, adjust rates, clarify application ECU, and clarify textual portions of tariff.

D-1677-NXLD Company d/b/a NEXTEL Long Distance-Add long distance service - 800 Service.

D-1678-Blountsville Telephone Co., Inc.-Adds concession services.

D-1679-Allnet Communication Services, Inc. d/b/a Frontier Communications Services-Introduce Ultimate 800.

D-1680-Vast-Tel Communications, Inc.-Price changes and contact information changes.

D-1681-AT&T-Provide SONET Services.

D-1682-State Communications, Inc.-Add initial service periods, liability language regarding data, transmissions and secondary service charges, billing information product, prepaid local service and two-point service product.

D-1683-Hayneville Company Co., Inc.-Release non-published number in provision to E-911.

D-1684-Ameritech Communications International Inc.-Add Prepaid Card Service Commercial.

D-1685-Sprint-Grandfather services, add new services, and make textual changes.

D-1686-WorldCom Technologies, Inc.-Introduce Metro Frame Relay Service.

D-1687-Intermedia Communications, Inc.-Add Frame relay services.

D-1688-NYNEX Long Distance Co.-Flat Rate Plan, Northeast Business Plan, Business Volume Discount Plan, Business Toll Free Service, Prepaid Calling Card Service, Teleconference Service, Fax Service.

D-1689-Teltrust Communications Services, Inc.-Modify operator per call service charges and Savings Collect.

D-1690-Butler Telephone Co.-Pay-Per-Use Three Way Calling.

D-1691-State Communications, Inc.-Add 800 Business Service.

D-1692-Max-Tel Comm.-Increase Caller ID, Call Waiting, and reconnection fees, and make textual changes.

D-1693-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Introduce Flat Rate Program IV.

D-1694-Long Distance Wholesale Club-Introduce Flat Rate Program IV.

D-1695-ITC^DeltaCom-Add extended local calling areas and mileage-extension line.

D-1696-Gulf Telephone Co.-Update capabilities to provide measured service.

D-1697-Millry Telephone Co.-Change area calling service rates.

D-1698-American Communication Services of Montgomery, Inc., American Communication Services of Birmingham, and American Communication Services of Mobile-Correct tariff pages and reduce e.spire Platinum's toll free term rates.

D-1700-LCI International Telecom Corp.-Add pay phone use charge to LCI Difference.

D-1701-Americatel Corp. d/b/a 10 123 Americatel and 1010 123 Americatel-Add directory assistance charge and add and delete language.

D-1702-Sprint-Introduce Cool Rewards Program.

D-1703-Sprint-Change the number of phone lines applicable to Sprint Unlimited.

D-1704-Sprint-Decrease Business Flex 500 Advanced voice usage rates.

D-1705-Sprint-Grandfather Sprint Sense AnyTime Short Calls Waiver for existing customers.

D-1706-Sprint-Sprint Unlimited accounts available per household.

D-1707-NXLD-Rate increase in toll free long distance service.

D-1708-ITC^DeltaCom-Description of service for Unison Option A, correct rates for Pinnacle, and add custom billing as a new service.

D-1709-MCI Telecommunications Corp.-Increase rates, add calling card per call surcharges, defer rates, increase Option IntraLATA rates.

D-1710-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Delete various services, makes text changes, and revise certain base rates.

D-1711-ITC^DeltaCom-COCS Channel Type 2106 has been reserved for currently subscribed customers.

D-1712-Contel of the South-Introduce Frame Relay Service, Access Tariff.

D-1713-GTE South, Inc.-Restructure Frame Relay Service, Access Tariff.

D-1714-GTE South, Inc.-Restructure Frame Relay Service, General Tariff.

D-1715-Contel of the South-Introduce Frame Relay Service, General Tariff.

D-1716-NXLD Company d/b/a Nextel Long Distance-Increase rates for Message Telecommuni-cations Service.

D-1717-Frontier Communications of AL, Inc.-Increase prices for Service Price Index.

D-1718-Frontier Communications of the South, Inc.-Increase prices for Service Price Index.

D-1719-VISTA Group International, Inc.-Correct president's name and make rate increase.

D-1720-ACC National Long Distance Corp.-ACC National Long Distance Corp.

D-1721-Affinity Network, Inc.-Make application of ECUs with 20-minute cap, clarify ECUs fax modem, revise terms of promotion, and make revisions to textual portions of tariff.

D-1722-Intermedia Communications, Inc.-Add dedicated access service and make textual changes and clarifications.

D-1723-GTE South, Inc.-Maintenance of Service Program.

D-1724-Speer Virtual Media, LTD-Change name to Speer Communications Virtual Media Inc.

D-1725-Talton Telecommunications Corp.-Change name to Evercom Systems, Inc.

D-1726-Sprint-Add new services and make textual changes.

D-1727-National Telephone & Communications, Inc.-Change name to Incomnet Communications Corp. d/b/a NATELECOM, Inc.

D-1728-NOW Communications, Inc.-Change non-recurring connection fee.

D-1729-AT&T-Change price reference for Dial Station calls.

D-1730-AT&T-Align intrastate tariff on One Rate and One Rate Plus optional calling plans.

D-1731-Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Add Hot Line.

D-1732-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce MAP International Prepaid Service and make text revisions.

D-1733-Telco Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Dial & Save-Change billing increments, introduce monthly term commitment levels, introduce new service, introduce Employee Long Distance Program.

D-1734-Alltel Communications, Inc.-Change peak hours, add per minute calling card rate, add bundled service and make text changes.

D-1735-Frontier Communications of Lamar County-Implement price increase.

D-1736-ITC^Deltacom-Reserve Unison Plus, introduce various Unison options, and make various textual changes.

D-1737-AT&T-Revise Personal Network service.

D-1738-AT&T-Introduce Customer Access Section Charge.

D-1739-Gulf Telephone Co.-Lower Shared Tenant Services trunk charge.

D-1740-AT&T-Introduce A00" INFO intrastate service.

D-1741-AT&T-Reprice Public Pay Phone Surcharge.

D-1742-Sprint-Introduce Airline Prepaid Card product, introduce TeleDime Prepaid Card, change 10333 and 1010333 to 1010XXX and make text changes.

D-1743-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Increase various Custom Calling and Allst*r rates.

D-1746-MCI Telecommunications Corp.-Revise MCI Maximum Security Collect.

D-1747-Incomnet Communication d/b/a Natelecom, Inc.-Change Name to Incomnet Communications Corp.

D-1748-OTELCO-Remove monthly recurring charge for 800 Inbound Service.

D-1749-StormTel, Inc.-Add new address, change switched inbound rates, change Calling Card program, and add language to Pay Telephone Surcharge.

D-1750-ACC National Long Distance Corp.-Rate reduction to Lucky Dog 1010345 Services.

D-1751-New Hope Telephone Cooperative-Replace multiples of business rates with a fixed rate.

D-1752-Sprint-Grandfather services, add new services, and make textual changes.

D-1753-Long Distance International, Inc.-Introduce various new services, add inbound service to Agent Plan 2, and make text changes.

D-1754-Discount Call Rating, Inc.-Change name to: Discount Calling Rating, Inc., d/b/a DCR Flat Rate Long Distance, d/b/a ConnectFree.

D-1755-Mon-Cre Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Correct tariff rates for non-published number and unlisted number charges.

D-1756-Incomnet Communications Corp.-Revisions requested by Commission staff.

D-1757-Evercom Systems, Inc.-Cancel service and amend directory assistance charges.

D-1758-Ameritech Communications International, Inc.-Change name of Global Calling Card Service to Corporate Card Service.

D-1759-KMC Telecom, Inc.-Amend footers in tariff and introduce Long Distance Service, Toll Free Service, Calling Card Service, and Miscellaneous Services in tariff.

D-1760-Blountsville Telephone Co.-Reduce Area Calling Service rates.

D-1761-Sprint-Introduce language regarding contributory and eligibility for Business Sense product.

D-1762-US LEC of Alabama-Revise limited intraLATA restriction.

D-1763-Millry Communications, Inc.-Add operator services.

D-1764-Knology of Montgomery, Inc.-Add new service, add new local transport rate, increase tandem switched termination rates, and make textual changes.

D-1765-BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.-Extend Premier Toll Free promotion for an additional five months.

D-1766-Transcommunications, Inc.-Introduce Private Label Card Service.

D-1767-Gulf Telephone Co.-Transferred Area Calling Service Fund to Transition Service Fund.

D-1768-GTE South, Inc.-Increase local directory assistance service charge to 44 cents.

D-1769-Contel of the South-Increase local directory assistance service charge to 44 cents.

D-1770-AT&T-Introduce business local service in the local exchange services.

D-1771-AT&T-Remove references to One Rate Online plan and holidays.

D-1772-ITC^Deltacom-Remove language in Section, add Tuscaloosa to local calling areas, add Gadsden to extended local calling areas, and make textual changes.

D-1773-ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc.-Reduce post-paid calling card rate, reduce switched toll free monthly surcharge, and increase toll free directory assistance listing rate.

D-1774-Alltel-Allow customers to route Feature Group B traffic over Feature Group D facilities.

D-1775-OmniCall-Add annual rate for Dial One Switched Service and inbound 800 Service, add two Dial 1 and 800 plans for business customers.

D-1776-Alltel-Add bundled value plan for business customers.

D-1777-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Introduce Carrier Domestic Termination and make minor text changes.

D-1779-GTC, Inc.-Add Advance Calling services and make several language changes regarding Alabama Customer Calling Features.

D-1780-Sprint-Miscellaneous text changes in response to introduction of intraLATA dialing parity.

D-1782-AT&T-Introduce AT&T Business IntraLATA Toll Service.

D-1783-GTE Communications Corp.-Remove Promotional Prepaid Calling Card Service.

D-1784-GTE Communications Corp.-Make changes to Business Value Plan, add new service, add new employee concession, and make minor text changes.

D-1785-Americatel Corp.-Correct 800 number contained in Billing Arrangements.

D-1786-Sprint-Introduce Sprint Unlimited language and make miscellaneous text changes.

D-1787-LCI International-Textual changes.

D-1788-LCI International-Modify language and reduce rates and pay phone surcharge associated with Talk products and introduce three new options to LCI Difference.

D-1789-Excel Telecommunications, Inc.-Introduce 1-800-PHONEME.

D-1790-Contel of the South, Inc.-Introduce National Directory Assistance.

D-1791-GTE South-Introduce National Directory Assistance.

D-1792-Sprint-Introduce One Plus Coin Sent-Paid service.

D-1793-GTC, Inc.-Make verbiage changes requested by staff.

D-1794-IXC Communications Services, Inc.-Add Frame Relay Service and Private Line Service.

D-1795-National Telephone of Alabama, Inc.-Introduce Custom Calling and Advanced Custom Calling Services.

D-1796-ICG Telephone Group, Inc.-Add D-EOS/DS-3, increase prices for Service Contracts, reduce maintenance visit charges, and add term/rate element for Plan D-DS-3.

D-1797-Teltrust Communications Services, Inc.-Update Por Cobrar Collect Calling Rates and revise Simple Dialing Product.

D-1798-Tel-Save, Inc.-Increase ISP/AOL rate and delete Electronic Billing Option.

D-1799-United Services Telephone, LLC-Introduce Nickel Line service and increase directory assistance cap.

D-1800-Communication TeleSystems International-Introduce Dial-Up Penny Plan 299 and grandfather Dial-Up Penny Plan 898.

D-1801-NXLD Co.-Introduce Travel Card Option and a Project Account Code option.

D-1802-Frontier Communications of Lamar County, Inc.-Cap NSF check charge and late payment interest.

D-1803-TLX Communications, Inc.-Add directory assistance call rate, add Every Call plans, and make minor text changes.

D-1804-Intermedia Communications, Inc.-Add Unified Long Distance services, revise operator-assisted services and rates, and make text changes.

D-1805-St. Joe Communications, Inc.-Establish Business Gold features and rates.

D-1806-Network Telephone, Inc.-Introduce prepaid local service offering.

D-1808-Sprint-Introduce Sprint Unlimited product.

D-1809-Sprint-Introduce Sprint Business Flex SDS Toll Free language.

D-1810-Sprint-Increase Business Sense rates.

D-1811-Qwest-Increase usage rates for Q.guaranteed and, decrease evening per-minute rates for Campus Talk Switched, make textual revisions.

D-1812-Z-Tel Communications, Inc.-Add new services.

D-1813-ITC^DeltaCom-Add Frame Relay Service and Local Number Portability Indicator.

D-1814-Roanoke Telephone Co., Inc.-Add Express Toll Long Distance Service.

D-1815-GTC, Inc.-Add charges for duplicate bills.

D-1816-Ameritech Communications International, Inc.-Reduce service charge rate for collect calls.

D-1818-IXC Communications Services, Inc.-Add rates to the Terminating LEX service.

D-1819-Working Assets Funding Service, Inc.-Reduce intraLATA rate and make text changes.

D-1820-Ragland Telephone Co.-Custom Local Area Signaling Service.

D-1821-Sprint-Restructure FONCARD service.

D-1822-Sprint-Grandfather Worldwide product.

D-1823-Roanoke Telephone Co.-Add new features and services, combines services, and clarifies language.

D-1824-USN Communications Long Distance, Inc.-Increase and decrease rates, and add new language.

D-1825-Eclipse Telecommunications, Inc.-Add new services, grandfather services, and make structural and textual changes.

D-1826-Knology of Montgomery, Inc.-Make text changes and add rate matrix table.

D-1827-TTI National, Inc.-Introduce Business Benefit Service.

D-1828-ITC^DeltaCom-Introduce rates for dedicated frame relay service and make text changes.

D-1829-KMC Telecom, Inc.-Change footers, introduce ClearStar service, modify DID language, and increase operator service rates.

D-1830-American Communication Services of Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile-Implements directory errors or omissions subsection.

D-1831-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Introduce Winback Programs I, II, and III and introduce Brand Equity Services II and III.

D-1832-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce Great Connections Plan, add Total Call, and make textual changes.

D-1833-One Call Comm., Inc.-Increase 800 and MTS rates, delete Hospitality D service and rate, and make text changes.

D-1834-Annox, Inc.-Price increase for reinstallation of basic exchange and text changes.

D-1835-Alltel-Add switched rate business plans.

D-1836-LCI International-Reduce pay phone surcharge associated with Talk products and reduce rate for

D-1837-AT&T-Change WorldWorx 800 to Toll Free Multimedia Service and rates.

D-1838-KMC Telecom, Inc.-Introduce New Service Offering, introduce KMC Toll Free Services and amend Operator Service rates.

D-1839-AT&T-Introduce Direct Inward Dialing, Main Listed Number and Directory Listing Services.

D-1840-VarTec-Reduce surcharge and per call minimum associated with Dime Club, reduce monthly recurring fee with Dime Club, reduce intrastate rate associated with VarTec RelianT, and make various textual changes.

D-1841-360E Long Distance, Inc.-Name change: 360E Long Distance Inc. d/b/a ALLTEL/360E and introduce Bundled Service Value Plan.

D-1842-GTE Communications Corp.-Textual changes.

D-1843-AT&T-Revise prepaid card service.

D-1844-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Introduce ASTA Special Contracts II and III.

D-1845-Teltrust Communications Services, Inc.-Update 800 Dial-Around Calling and add new Designated Access product.

D-1846-Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.-Introduce C&W USA Residential and add discount to Horizon promotional service.

D-1847-Global Tel*Link Corp.-Add new rates.

D-1848-MCI Telecommunications Corp.-Introduce Residential Directory Assistance Call Competition.

D-1849-Knology of Montgomery, Inc.-Add and change various rates.

D-1852-AT&T-Introduce Lucky Dog 1010345 and Lucky Dog Prepaid Card Services.

D-1853-Long Distance International, Inc.-Introduce LDI agent Plan 2.

D-1854-Sprint-Increase FONCARD and Sprint Sense usage rate and decrease surcharge and make miscellaneous text changes.

D-1855-Sprint-Increase Real Solutions annual usage rate, introduce Sprint Sense Anytime Sprint PCS/Sprint Long Distance Calling Partnership Program, and make miscellaneous text changes.

D-1856-Williams Communications, Inc.-Make text changes requested by staff.

D-1857-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Establish IntraLATA Presubscription language and rates.

D-1858-AT&T-Establish IntraLATA flat rate; due date charge.

D-1859-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Add Dedicated Long Distance Services.

D-1860-Gulf Long Distance, Inc.-Increase charge for bad checks.

D-1861-J D Services, Inc.-Tracker's Choice Card.

D-1862-Actel Integrated Comm., Inc.-Add Employee Plan and make various text changes.

D-1863-TCG Midsouth, Inc.-Add new language and make text changes.

D-1864-Network Telephone, Inc.-Add rate for intraLATA calls made utilizing 10XXX.

D-1865-Ameritech Communications International Inc.-Introduce service charge for prepaid card calls completed by customer service representative.

D-1866-International Plus a division of NOS-Introduce International Plus Signature Services as Tariff 3, International Plus is a package of integrated services.

D-1867-GTE Communications Corp.-Make textual revisions and restructure services.

D-1868-LCI International Telecom Corp.-Modify rates to LCI Difference #2, #3 and On-Line Offer, and add new options to Campus Talk dedicated.

D-1869-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Introduce four new services.

D-1870-Roanoke Telephone Co.-Remove Advanced Custom Calling tariff.

D-1871-Gulf Telephone Co.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1872-Gulf Telephone Co.-Pricing rules, non-basic services category, and shared tenant services.

D-1873-Oakman Telephone Co.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1874-NOS Communications, Inc.-Include one new ave/winback program, the Freedom Plan Plus, and one textual changes.

D-1875-Peoples Telephone Co.-Add rate elements to Digital Transport Service tariff.

D-1876-The Furst Group Inc.-Include pay phone use surcharge and change language.

D-1877-Butler Telephone Co.-Add rate element to Digital Transport Service tariff.

D-1878-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Change Directory Assistance charge.

D-1879-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Add $5 non-recurring charge for existing customer subscribers to Custom Calling or ALLST*R.

D-1880-Teleglobe USA, Inc.-Discontinue Dial Around Service, reduce rate for pay phone surcharge, introduce GlobeDirect and Post Paid Travel Calling Card Services.

D-1881-Roanoke Telephone Co.-Clarify language in tariff.

D-1882-National Telephone of Alabama, Inc.-Clarify language in tariff.

D-1883-Affinity Network, Inc.-Four new regulations, one new save/winback program, and one textual change.

D-1884-NOSVA Limited Partnership-Four new regulations, one new save/winback program, and one textual change.

D-1885-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Move and change text and increase InterLATA Directory Assistance charge.

D-1886-Communication TeleSystems International-Introduce four direct dial long distance products designed for residential customers.

D-1887-VarTec Telecom, Inc.-Introduce CallManage Service, reduce pay phone use charge, and make various textual revisions.

D-1888-GTE Communications Corp.-Textual revisions and rate additions to service charges and surcharges.

D-1889-GTE Communications Corp.-Make textual revisions and introduce Large Business Voice Service II.

D-1890-Business Telecom, Inc.-Introduce new service and promotion.

D-1891-Net2000 Group, Inc.-Change name to Net2000 Communications Services, Inc.

D-1892-Brindlee Mountain Telephone Co.-Amend various rates for rate rebalancing.

D-1893-Gulf Telephone Co.-Offer concession service to churches and clergymen.

D-1894-KMC Telecom, Inc.-Amend Section 2.8 -cancellation of service.

D-1896-Sprint Telecommunications Co.-Increase and decrease rates and add new services.

D-1897-Sprint Telecommunications Co.-Add new services and grandfather existing services.

D-1898-Sprint Telecommunications Co.-Introduce Sprint Real Solutions VPN services.

D-1899-American Communication Services of Montgomery, American Communication Services of Birmingham, American Communication Services of Mobile-Introduce FX Service.

D-1900-Castleberry Telephone Co.-Offer Caller ID-Deluxe.

D-1901-Castleberry Telephone Co.-Provide primary interexchange carrier change service charge.

D-1902-US LEC of Alabama-Rate changes and text changes.

D-1903-Telco Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Dial & Save-Introduce new business service offering.

D-1904-Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.-Reduce pay phone compensation rate.

D-1905-Touch 1 Communications, Inc.-Add two new products.

D-1906-AT&T-Introduce ACC Business Service.

D-1907-USLD Communications, Inc.-Update public pay phone charges.

D-1908-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Introduce two new promotions.

D-1909-WorldCom Technologies, Inc.-Increase directory assistance per call charge and increase long distance rates.

D-1910-Colorado River Communications Corp.-Provide directory assistance rate.

D-1915-Mon-Cre Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Increase return check charges.

D-1916-Citizens Telecommunications Co.-Add new business direct billed flat rated plan.

D-1917-Teleglobe USA, Inc.-Reduce rate for Post Paid Travel Calling Card services.

D-1918-Millry Communication, Inc.-Revise inbound 800 service.

D-1919-TLX Communications, Inc.-Add three new rate plans (1+, toll, and travel service).

D-1921-AT&T Communications of the South-Reduce ACC Business Service in Alabama.

D-1922-MCI Telecommunications-Reduce Friends & Family discounts, increase Calling Card rates, increase Option Y, and increase Option Z.

D-1923-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Reduce pay phone surcharge.

D-1924-NXLD Company-Decrease Message Telecommunications Service.

D-1925-Gulf Telephone Co.-Revise Alabama Service Fund.

D-1926-Gulf Telephone Co.-Reflect monthly recurring rate for Selective Routing.

D-1927-GTE South, Inc.-Annual rate rebalancing.

D-1928-Contel of the South, Inc.-Annual rate rebalancing.

D-1929-StormTel, Inc.-Introduce new switched inbound and outbound freedom plan.

D-1930-State Communications, Inc.-Add local portability charge.

D-1931-Choctaw Communications-Change name to Choctaw Communications, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Signal Communications.

D-1932-GTE Communications Corp.-Introduce Calling Card Flat Rate and Surcharge-Based Plan.

D-1933-Incomnet Communications Corp.-Add I Plus.

D-1934-ITC^DeltaCom-Add four new Facility Extended Local Calling Areas.

D-1935-Startec Global Licensing Co.-New tariff that lists new home.

D-1936-OneStar Long Distance, Inc.-Replace Tariff No. 1.

D-1937-Premiercom, Inc.-Change name to OPEX Communications Inc.

D-1938-Sprint-Move services in tariff, grandfather services, add new services and make text changes.

D-1939-AmeriVision Communications, Inc.-Add three new services and grandfather older services.

D-1940-U S West Long Distance, Inc.-Reduce public pay phone surcharge and remove option of Person-to-Person.

D-1941-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Text changes for Jurisdictional Report requirements.

D-1942-Valley Telephone Co.-Access line rate increase.

D-1943-Interstate Telephone Co.-Access line rate increase.

D-1944-BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.-Reduce pay telephone surcharge.

D-1945-Vocall Communications Corp.-Replace prepaid calling product.

D-1946-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Lower Directory Assistance rate.

D-1947-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Revise local access line rates.

D-1948-Frontier Communications of Lamar County-Increase local service rates.

D-1949-Millry Telephone Co.-Reduce Area Calling Service rate.

D-1950-Intercontinental Communications Group, Inc.-Modify rates of service offerings and reduce Call 4 Less service, additional debit card products, and Public Telephone Surcharge.

D-1951-Castleberry Telephone Co.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1952-MCI Telecommunications-Introduce Retail Affinity and Commercial Credit Card Affinity.

D-1953-Williams Communications, Inc.-Change name of two services, delete two services, reduce rates on all remaining services, and make text changes.

D-1954-NOS Communications, Inc.-Revise Welcome Customer Rate Cap Program and Freedom Plan Plus offerings.

D-1955-Sprint-Increase rates on several services.

D-1956-Affinity Network, Inc.-Revise Welcome Customer Rate Cap Program and Freedom Plan Plus offerings.

D-1957-Blountsville Telephone Co., Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1958-Choctaw Communications, Inc.-Correct errors in June 3, 1999, filing.

D-1959-State Communications, Inc.-Add resold local services and products.

D-1960-OTELCO-Add toll restriction.

D-1961-TelStar International, Inc.-Add prepaid local services.

D-1962-GTE Communications Corp.-Add surcharge (F) to the Surcharge-Based Prepaid Calling Service.

D-1963-KMC Telecom, Inc.-Introduce ClearStar Advantage Plus and restructure rates.

D-1964-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Add Business Line Connect and delete Local Calling.

D-1965-QuantumLink Communication-Add non-usage charges applicable up to 20 minutes.

D-1966-NewSouth Communications Corp.-Introduce Alabama Access tariff.

D-1967-New Hope Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1968-US LEC-Lower Directory Assistance.

D-1969-Tel-Link-New pricing.

D-1970-GTE South, Inc.-Introduce new LATA-Wide Local Calling Plan.

D-1971-Contel of the South, Inc. d/b/a GTE Systems of the South-Introduce new LATA-Wide Local Calling Plan.

D-1972-AmeriVision Communications, Inc.-Correct rates for Travel Card.

D-1973-Frontier Communications of the South, Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1974-Tel-Save, Inc.-Introduce ISP/AOL intraLATA rate.

D-1975-Ragland Telephone Co., Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1976-Moundville Telephone Co., Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1982-BellSouth Public Communications, Inc.-Public pay phone surcharge at 25 cents per call.

D-1983-Eclipse Telecommunications, Inc.-Add term and volume discounts and make various rate revisions.

D-1984-GTE South, Inc.-Introduce Carrier Identification Parameter.

D-1985-Brindlee Mountain Telephone Co.-Provide a concession of 25 percent for volunteer fire departments.

D-1986-TTI National, Inc.-Introduce Wholesale Affinity Program.

D-1987-ITC^DeltaCom-Add language pertaining to errors or damages caused by system date limitation and validation of credit.

D-1988-Hopper Telecommunications Co., Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1989-TelStar International, Inc.-Change late payment charge.

D-1990-AT&T-Add access reduction.

D-1991-Sprint-Grandfather services, add services, increase some rates, and make textual changes.

D-1992-Roanoke Telephone Co., Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1993-Oakman Telephone Co.-Rate rebalancing.

D-1994-AT&T-Introduce local exchange service and E-991/911 Emergency Number Service.

D-1995-Budget Call Long Distance-Access flow through.

D-1996-ITC^Deltacom Communications-Include primary interexchange carrier charge, increase unauthorized change charge, and make text changes.

D-1997-Mon-Cre Telephone Cooperative-Rate equalization plan.

D-1998-ITC^DeltaCom-Reduce rates for Alabama access pass through products.

D-1999-Sprint-Access flow through.

D-2000-Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-2001-BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.-Obsolete Premier Toll Free Service.

D-2002-Allnet Communications Services, Inc.-Introduce Priority Plan and EZ Plan II.

D-2003-Allnet Communications Services, Inc.-Rate rebalancing.

D-2004-Butler Telephone Co.-Rate rebalancing.

D-2005-TCG Midsouth, Inc.-Amend rate schedules and introduce PrimePlex PRI.

D-2006-Alltel Alabama-Incorporate special access rate revisions.

D-2007-US LEC of Alabama, Inc.-Offer Digital Data Service and switched toll free service.

D-2008-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Add rate stability option and rates of Plan C-Central Office Port Option 2.

D-2009-CRG International, Inc. d/b/a Network One-Revise local exchange rates and introduce new local service product.

D-2010-Excel Telecommunications, Inc.-Introduce Excel Operator Services.

D-2011-Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.-Textual changes canceling supplemental equipment services for the hearing-impaired.

D-2012-Telco Holdings, Inc.-Introduce new promotional product 1010399 Domestic Service.

D-2019-Z-Tel Communications, Inc.-Delete current services and introduce Introductory Service, Standard Service, and Professional Program.

D-2020-Hopper Telecommunications Co., Inc.-Add Direct Inward Dialing Service.

D-2021-Phoenix Network, Inc.-Add ACS/ and ACS/Q.guaranteed.

D-2022-KMC Telecom, Inc.-Add contract termination charges language to ClearStar Advantage Service.

D-2023-GTC Inc. d/b/a GT Com-Rate rebalancing.

D-2024-ITC^Deltacom-Add new Inbound 800 service feature, add new language, and make text changes.

D-2025-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Add Redirected Number Delivery and make text change.

D-2026-TCG Midsouth, Inc.-Introduce Prime Dedicated Facility Installation and T-1 Card.

D-2027-Roanoke Telephone Co., Inc.-Introduce Voice Mail Services.

D-2028-OTELCO Telephone Co.-Rate rebalancing.

D-2029-National Telephone of Alabama, Inc.-Add Voice Mail services.

D-2030-GTE South, Inc.-Revise service date; change charge language.

D-2031-Cincinnati Bell Long Distance, Inc.-Add Core Business Service and Enterprise.

D-2032-Net-tel Corp., Inc.-Add new services.

D-2033-Intermedia Communications, Inc.-Add Unified Local Service offerings.

D-2034-Williams Communications, Inc.-Reduce per call pay phone surcharge.

D-2035-Operator Service Co.-Introduce Non-subscriber Service Charge and reduce the per-minute operator-assisted usage rates.

D-2036-Business Telecom, Inc.-Introduce three new services.

D-2037-Affinity Network, Inc.-Clarify revisions to Freedom Plan for business users.

D-2038-Sprint-Add new products and grandfather existing products.

D-2039-NOS Communications, Inc.-Make clerical and clarifying revisions to the Freedom Plan for business users.

D-2040-Peoples Telephone Co.-Add ACS Bundled package, Privacy Pack.

D-2041-Oakman Telephone Co.-Add ACS Bundled package, Privacy Pack.

D-2042-Hyperion Communications of AL-Add features for InterLATA and Calling Card services.

D-2043-Hayneville Telephone Co.-Rate rebalancing.

D-2044-AT&T-Remove exclusion from public pay phone surcharge on eligible One Rate Calling Card calls.

D-2045-AT&T-Add port-type change charge to Regional Frame Relay Service.

D-2046-Axsys, Inc.-Make language changes requested by Commission staff.

D-2047-CI2, Inc.-Name change; add d/b/a Computer Intelligence2 Inc.

D-2048-Roanoke Telephone Co.-Add two new usage sensitive features.

D-2049-AT&T-Reduce pay phone surcharge.

D-2050-AT&T-Introduce All-In-One Service.

D-2051-VarTec-Reduce pay phone use charge and make various text revisions.

D-2052-QuantumLink Communications-Add a one-time rate increase, introduce new service plans, introduce new provision and make text changes.

D-2053-Cincinnati Bell Long Distance, Inc.-Change call timing of travel card option of Core Business Service and Enterprise Service.

D-2054-Butler Telephone Co.-Add ACS bundled package, Privacy Pack.

D-2055-TTI National, Inc.-Introduce Business Benefit Term Plan.

D-2056-Knology of Alabama, Inc.-Delete Calling Card Surcharge, increase per-minute charge, and add language and rate for surcharge for pay phones.

D-2057-SouthernNet, Inc.-Revise text under 10-10-321 Plan.

D-2058-Alltel Alabama, Inc.-Add services of Speed Calling 8-Code and Call Forwarding Don't Answer.

D-2059-Millry Communication, Inc.-Add discount when toll reaches a certain threshold.

D-2060-Millry Telephone Co.-Change Area Calling Service rates.

D-2061-ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc.-Revise billing increments for 1+ Long Distance and Switched Toll Free services.

D-2062-Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.-New Tariff No. 1 to reflect d/b/a ILD.

D-2063-Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.-New Tariff No. 2 to reflect d/b/a ILD.

D-2064-National Telephone of Alabama, Inc.-Add two new usage sensitive features, remove Call Screening, and add language regarding screening lists.

D-2065-ICG Telecom Group, Inc.-Add Digital Access Service rate reductions.

D-2066-Touch 1 Communications, Inc.-Minor text changes.

D-2067-GTE South and Contel of the South-Introduce GTE Basic Pack and GTE Complete Pack.

D-2068-Gulf Long Distance, Inc.-Introduce three new calling plans.

D-2069-AT&T-Introduce VTNS Toll-Free Multimedia Service.

D-2070-USLD Communications, Inc.-Text changes.

D-2071-ITC^DeltaCom-Reduce rates for: Infinity Business Line, Infinity Incoming Only Line, and Infinity Trunk. Also increase rates of several optional features currently available to business and residential customers.

D-2072-Incomnet Communications Corp.-Add Incomnet Portfolio Service and grandfather and terminate several other services.

D-2073-Sprint-Grandfather products, add options to existing products, and make corrections and textual changes.

D-2075-Millry Telephone Co.-Add ground start circuit service and loop start/disconnect supervision.

D-2076-Sterling International Funding, Inc.-Change text for clarity purposes.

D-2077-AT&T-Update intrastate access rates.

D-2078-VarTec Telecom, Inc.-Introduce FiveLine Service and make textual revisions.

D-2079-Butler Telephone Co.-Add Advanced Calling Services.

D-2080-US LEC-Change initial billing increment from 18 seconds to six seconds.

D-2081-ACC National Long Distance Corp.-Remove Lucky Dog Services.

D-2082-ATCALL, Inc.-Address change and add pay phone surcharge.

D-2083-Telco Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Dial & Save-Introduce three services and make text changes.

D-2084-Allnet Communication Services, Inc.-Introduce two new services and modify Voice Virtual Private Network rates.

D-2085-Millry Telephone Co.-Revise Toll Restriction Service.

D-2086-Contel of the South d/b/a GTE Systems of the South-Add an additional rate element for the set up charge per Carrier Identification Code.

D-2087-GTE South, Inc.-Add an additional rate element for the set up charge per Carrier Identification Code.

D-2088-GTE South, Inc.-Remove Equal Access Recovery Charge from billing.

D-2089-Contel of the South d/b/a GTE Systems of the South-Remove Equal Access Recovery Charge from billing.

D-2090-GTE South, Inc.-Revise language to allow more time to make changes to the billing systems.

D-2091-Contel of the South d/b/a GTE Systems of the South-Revise language to allow additional time to make changes to the billing systems.

D-2092-Contel of the South d/b/a GTE Systems of the South-Modify LATA-Wide Local Calling Plan.

D-2093-AT&T-Remove directory assistance and replace it in General Services.

D-2094-Brindlee Mountain Telephone Co.-Amend rates for Area Calling Service.

D-2095-Network Telephone, Inc.-Revise long distance service offering.

D-2096-The Other Phone Company-Introduce intrastate switched access services.

D-2097-Gulf Telephone Co.-Change Emergency Service features.

D-2098-Sprint-Introduce a late fee assessed to residential subscribers on payments not received within 30 days from invoice date.

U-3744-BellSouth and e.spire-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3749-BellSouth and KMC Telecom, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3749-BellSouth and KMC Telecom-Amended collocation agreement.

U-3773-BellSouth and Teleport Communications Group, Inc.-Amended collocation agreement.

U-3779-BellSouth and AXSYS, Inc.-Renegotiated interconnection agreement.

U-3783-BellSouth and Sterling International Funding, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3794-BellSouth and ANNOX, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3819-BellSouth and Comm South-Amended resale agreement.

U-3824-BellSouth and TransAmerican Telephone, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3832-BellSouth and A Plus Connect-Amended resale agreement.

U-3836-BellSouth and Communications Network Services-Amended resale agreement.

U-3838-BellSouth and Winstar Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3838-BellSouth and Winstar Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3838-BellSouth and WinStar Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3838-BellSouth and WinStar-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3846-BellSouth and Choctaw Communications, LLC-Amended resale agreement.

U-3846-BellSouth and Choctaw Communications-Amended resale agreement.

U-3850-BellSouth and Touch 1 Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3850-BellSouth and Touch 1 Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3852-BellSouth and U S West Interprise America, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3853-BellSouth and Teleconex, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3853-BellSouth and Teleconex, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3853-BellSouth and Teleconex, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3866-BellSouth and Netel, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3868-BellSouth and Quick-Tel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3870-BellSouth and Vast-Tel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3870-BellSouth and Vast-Tel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3870-BellSouth and Vast-Tel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3871-BellSouth and MicroComm, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3871-BellSouth and Micro-Comm, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3872-BellSouth and Maxtel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3872-BellSouth and Max-Tel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3872-BellSouth and Max-Tel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3872-BellSouth and Max-Tel Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3875-BellSouth and Net-Tel Corp., Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3877-BellSouth and State Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3878-BellSouth and OmniCall, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3882-BellSouth and EZ Talk Communications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3886-BellSouth and Southern Telemanagement Group, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3887-BellSouth and Fast Phones, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3887-BellSouth and Fast Phones, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3899-BellSouth and Connect, LLC-Resale agreement.

U-3899-BellSouth and Connect, LLC-Amended resale agreement.

U-3900-BellSouth and Teligent, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3900-BellSouth and Teligent, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3904-BellSouth and New Millennium Communications Corp.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3905-BellSouth and Image Access, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3905-BellSouth and Image Access-Amended resale agreement.

U-3906-BellSouth and Effigy Group, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3906-BellSouth and Effigy Group, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3907-BellSouth and UniversalCom, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3907-BellSouth and UniversalCom, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3908-BellSouth and United States Telecommunications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3908-BellSouth and United States Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3908-BellSouth and United States Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3908-BellSouth and United States Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3909-BellSouth and North American Telecommunications Corp.-Resale agreement and interconnection agreement.

U-3909-BellSouth and North American Telecommunications Corp.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3910-BellSouth and Quintelco, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3910-BellSouth and Quintelco, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3911-BellSouth and OmniCall, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3911-BellSouth and OmniCall, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3912-GTE and Connect, LLC-Resale agreement.

U-3913-BellSouth and TranStar Communication, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3913-BellSouth and TranStar Communication-Amended resale agreement.

U-3913-BellSouth and TranStar Communication-Amended resale agreement.

U-3913-BellSouth and TranStar Communication-Amended resale agreement.

U-3914-BellSouth and Easy Cellular, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3915-BellSouth and Access Integrated Networks, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3915-BellSouth and ACCESS Integrated Networks, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3917-GTE and Vast-Tel Communications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3918-GTE and Alabama Comm South-Resale agreement.

U-3927-GTE and CRG International, Inc. d/b/a Network One-Resale agreement.

U-3928-GTE and Quick-Tel Communications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3929-BellSouth and MiComm Services, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3929-BellSouth and MiComm, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3930-BellSouth and US LEC-Interconnection agreement.

U-3930-BellSouth and US LEC of Alabama, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3930-BellSouth and US LEC of North Carolina, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3930-BellSouth and US LEC-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3935-BellSouth and Alabama Wireless, Inc. d/b/a Decatur Cellular-Interconnection agreement.

U-3936-BellSouth and USA Telecommunications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3937-BellSouth and Southern Reconnect, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3938-BellSouth and American MetroComm Corp.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3938-BellSouth and American MetroComm Corp.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3938-BellSouth and American MetroComm Corp.-Amended interconnection.

U-3939-GTE and Nextel South Corp.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3940-GTE and United States Telecommunications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3941-BellSouth and HJN Telecom, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3942-BellSouth and SprintCom, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3943-BellSouth and Level 3 Communications, LLC-Collocation agreement.

U-3944-GTE and Image Access, Inc. d/b/a New Phone-Resale agreement.

U-3945-GTE and Pre-Paid Local Access Phone Service Co.-Resale agreement.

U-3947-BellSouth and Dakota Services, LTD-Interconnection agreement.

U-3947-BellSouth and Dakota Services, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3947-BellSouth and Dakota Services, Ltd.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3948-BellSouth and Eagle Communications-Interconnection agreement.

U-3949-BellSouth and OmniCall International-Interconnection agreement.

U-3950-BellSouth and GTE Wireless, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3951-Alltel and Powertel, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3953-GTE South and Southern Telemanagement Group, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3954-BellSouth and BellSouth BSE-Resale agreement.

U-3954-BellSouth and BellSouth BSE-Amended resale agreement.

U-3955-BellSouth and Radiofone, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3956-BellSouth and ABC Connect-Resale agreement.

U-3957-BellSouth and Hyperion Telecommunications of Florida-Interconnection agreement.

U-3958-GTE and Transtar Communications, LLC-Interconnection agreement.

U-3959-BellSouth and Unidial Communications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3959-BellSouth and UniDial Communications-Amended resale agreement.

U-3960-BellSouth and Access Integrated Networks, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3961-BellSouth and NewSouth Communications, LLC-Interconnection agreement.

U-3963-BellSouth and Sema-Phoon, Inc. d/b/a R.A. Communications-Interconnection agreement.

U-3964-BellSouth and The Other Phone Company, d/b/a Access One Communications, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3965-GTE and dPi Teleconnect, LLC-Resale agreement.

U-3966-BellSouth and BellSouth International Access-Collocation agreement.

U-3967-BellSouth and JTC Communications, Inc.-Resale agreement and amendments.

U-3973-GTE and BellSouth Mobility-Interconnection agreement.

U-3974-BellSouth and National Telephone Co.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3975-BellSouth and Knology Holdings-Interconnection agreement.

U-3976-BellSouth and DSLnet Communications, LLC-Interconnection agreement.

U-3976-BellSouth and DSLnet Communications, LLC-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3976-BellSouth and DSLNET Communications, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3977-BellSouth and DPI-Teleconnect, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-3977-BellSouth and DPI-Teleconnect, Inc.-Amended resale agreement.

U-3978-BellSouth and Tritel Communications-Interconnection agreement.

U-3980-BellSouth and AcTel Integrated Communications, Inc.-Interim interconnection agreement.

U-3981-BellSouth and Roanoke Telephone Co.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3982-BellSouth and Frontier Local Services, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3983-BellSouth and Hyperion Communications of Alabama-Interconnection agreement.

U-3985-BellSouth and North American Telephone Network, LLC-Resale agreement.

U-3985-BellSouth and North American Telephone Network, LLC-Amended resale agreement.

U-3986-BellSouth and Columbia Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3986-BellSouth and Columbia Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3987-BellSouth and Columbia Telecommunications, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3987-BellSouth and CI2-Resale agreement.

U-3991-BellSouth and State Communications, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3992-GTE and Free State Telephone Co.-Resale agreement.

U-3993-BellSouth and KMC Telecom III, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3995-BellSouth and ValuePage, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-3995-ValuePage, Inc.-Amended interconnection agreement.

U-3996-BellSouth and Coral Bay Financial Corp.-Resale agreement.

U-3997-BellSouth and Triton Cellular Partners, LP-Interconnection agreement.

U-4005-BellSouth and Blue Star Communications-Interconnection agreement.

U-4008-GTE and Network Telephone Corp.-Resale agreement.

U-4009-BellSouth and RealTime Communications, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4011-BellSouth and Globe Telecommunications, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4012-BellSouth and P.V.Tel, LLC-Resale agreement.

U-4013-BellSouth and CCCAL, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4014-BellSouth and UniversalCom, Inc.-Inter-connection agreement.

U-4020-BellSouth and Allpage, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4021-BellSouth and Phone-Link, Inc.-Resale agreement and amendment.

U-4025-GTE and Fast Phones, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-4026-GTE and Choctaw Communications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-4027-GTE and Topp Comm, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-4028-Alltel Communications Services Corp. and Tritel Communications, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4029-BellSouth and I-Net Communications-Resale agreement.

U-4030-BellSouth and Nextel South Corp.-Inter-connection agreement.

U-4031-GTE and Now Communications, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-4032-BellSouth and US LEC-Interconnection agreement.

U-4033-GTE and Phone-Link, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-4035-GTE and Phone Reconnect of America-Interconnection agreement.

U-4038-BellSouth and Computer Business Sciences, Inc.-Interconnection agreement and amendment.

U-4039-BellSouth and PineBelt Cellular, Inc. and Pine Belt PCS-Interconnection agreement.

U-4040-BellSouth and Universal Telcom, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-4042-BellSouth and Telephone Co. of Central Florida-Resale agreement.

U-4044-BellSouth and AirTouch Paging, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4049-BellSouth and BlueStar Networks, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4050-BellSouth and Network Access Solutions Corp.-Interconnection agreement.

U-4052-BellSouth and OmniCall, Inc.-Resale agreement.

U-4053-BellSouth and Teleport Communications Group, Inc.-Interconnection agreement.


The Transportation Division consists of four sections: Enforcement, Insurance and Registration, Railway Safety, and Rates and Services.

As provided by law, the Transportation Division is responsible for the supervision and regulation of motor and rail carriers for safety and for motor and air carriers' insurance requirements. It also requires some motor carriers of property who hold household goods authority, motor carriers of passenger, and air carriers to file economic tariffs of their rates and services. Also, all motor and rail carriers are required to file an annual report of their operations.

The number of motor carriers under our regulation continues to increase, but the associated Single State Registration System (SSRS) revenues continue to decrease proportionately subsequent to the verbiage in the federal law that allows motor carriers to voluntarily provide payment for the their vehicles operating in the state. Due to budgetary cuts, no personnel have been available to conduct audits this past year, resulting in lesser amounts of voluntary payments.


1993 17,530 $2,587,816

1994 25,295 $2,305,790

1995 31,115 $2,574,896

1996 35,126 $2,590,669

1997 38,970 $2,585,835

1998 39,565 $3,160,474

1999 41,600 $3,219,345

Note: The above SSRS revenues are now federal funds as per the ICC Termination Act of 1995. These funds are to be used exclusively for enforcement of safety and insurance programs. These funds represent 97 percent of the Transportation Division’s operating funds. ALABAMA MOTOR CARRIERS PAY ONLY 5 PERCENT OF THESE FUNDS.


For PSC use:

$ Rec’d: Ala. motor carriers - 132,531.00

$ Rec’d: Out-of-state motor carriers - 2,518,089.00

For Ala. Department of Transportation use:

$ Rec’d: Ala. motor carriers - 25,492.70

$ Rec’d: Out-of-state motor carriers - 484,361.30

TOTAL - $3,160,474.00


Air Carriers - 3

Railroads - 25

Motor Carrier Brokers-Intrastate - 5

Interstate Motor Carriers: 40,130

Intrastate Motor Carriers:

Trucks - 1,275

Buses and Limo - 126

Taxi - 34


Commuter Carrier - 8

For Non-Profits - 17

Here is a comparison of earnings from two leading modes of transportation in the previous years ending on the calendar year:



*Railroads Intrastate-Revenues: Motor Carrier Intrastate Revenues:

1993: $76,674,884 $645,079,009

1994: $67,497,433 $927,414,616

1995: $67,466,356 $1,092,691,273

1996: $77,691,196 $654,391,196

1997: $79,052,035 $748,274,768

1998: $90,587,274 $1,403,839,074

*Figures reported are for the calendar year ending December 31.


The Enforcement Section conducts and carries out investigative, monitoring, and enforcement activities of the Commission to assure and obtain compliance with the provision of the Alabama Motor Carrier Act and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto by the Commission as they relate to vehicle safety and operations by motor carriers subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission.

This section investigates accidents involving motor carriers subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission and makes recommendations to prevent recurrence. When such carriers are found to be operating without proper authority or are conducting their operations in violation of established rules and regulations, steps are taken to require compliance; if conditions warrant, violators are arrested and prosecuted in the courts with proper jurisdiction.

From October 1998 through September 1999, records indicate 2,440 violations found, with officers issuing 819 citations and 283 warning tickets for various violations. Enforcement officers conducted 218 vehicle safety inspections (physically checked vehicles) and checked 7,142 vehicles. Officers conducted 93 investigations pertaining to illegal operations and violations of rules and regulations. Ninety-three drivers were placed out of service, and 78 vehicles were placed out of service.


The Insurance and Registration Section performs three separate but interrelated functions. It registers for-hire commercial intrastate brokers, air carriers, and motor carriers granted authority by the Commission. First, it registers motor carriers from the United States and Canada that have been granted authority by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or those exempt from federal regulation.

Second, it requires all motor or air carriers of passengers or property to file and maintain proof of financial responsibility. Such carriers file forms of liability insurance, cargo insurance, bonds, self-insurance, and bonds for handling of collect-on-delivery shipments.

Third, it issues motor carrier vehicle identification stamps, decals, numbers, trip permits, and receipts. It also collects, accounts for, and deposits the monies collected for applications, transfers, and motor carrier identification into the State Treasury. It is responsible for maintaining journals, ledgers, receipts and various other records and reports of monies received and deposited. It audits motor carrier records to verify the correct number of receipts have been purchased.

This section processes applications for the registration of such carriers operating in interstate commerce into and through Alabama. This includes the issuance of Commission orders of registration when all the requirements of law are met. It also revokes or reinstates such carriers’ authority, when applicable, according to provisions set out in statutes, rules and regulations. It works with other state and federal agencies who also regulate motor carriers.

This section ensures carriers have insurance on file before they can legally operate. It also issues orders of revocation for failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility and orders of reinstatement after proof has been received as prescribed by law.

Subsequent to the above-mentioned regulations of motor carriers, this section is called upon to provide information to the general public, permitting services, lawyers, insurance companies, transportation companies and other state and federal agencies concerning regulatory matters.

Finally, this section requires motor and rail carriers to file annual reports of their operations. Here is a tabulation of this section’s activities:

Insurance Filings:

Self-insurance, bonds for liability and cargo,

certificates for liability and cargo, bonds for brokers - 17,441

Letters of correspondence - 322

Registration of Authority:

SSRS applications from other states - 25,967

SSRS applications from Alabama - 2,250

Interstate registered - 423

Intrastate registered - 316

Letters of correspondence - 240

Motor Carrier Vehicle Identification:

Applications processed - 3,046

SSRS receipts issued -



Stamps issued - 2,503

Numbers and decals issued - 593

Letters of correspondence - 111

Revocations and Reinstatement of Authority:

Revoked for no insurance - 1,042

Reinstated after compliance - 576

Annual and Quarterly Reports:

Rail Carriers - 25


Motor Carriers - 1,440

Letters of correspondence - 723


The Railway Safety Section conducts safety compliance inspections on all railroad common carriers' tracks and equipment in Alabama in accordance with state and federal standards. Inspections are also made to monitor compliance with regulations for Railroad Workplace Safety.

This section investigates railroad accidents and derailments to determine causes and to recommend action to prevent recurrence. Federally certified inspectors are called upon by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to assist in major accident investigations. This section also handles complaints from railroads, railroad employees, labor unions, other governmental agencies and the general public in all matters pertaining to railway safety.

Inspections are also conducted on railroad rehabilitative projects administered by the Alabama Department of Transportation. Agreements between the railroads and DOT typically specify adherence to FRA Class 2 standards and encompass a 10-year time frame.

Members of the Railway Safety Section participate in Operation Lifesaver as fully certified program presenters. Operation Lifesaver is a national public education and awareness program that seeks to reduce the number of crashes at highway-rail grade crossings. Target groups include school bus drivers, driver's education students, professional drivers, emergency response personnel (police, ambulance, fire) as well as the general public.

Total Miles of Railway Track Inspected: 7,902

Total Railway Accidents: 3

Total Units of Rolling Stock Inspected (Railway Cars): 10, 927

Total Locomotives Inspected: 110

Total Railroad Records Inspected: 1,358

Total Complaints Investigated: 4


The Rates and Services Section advises the Commission on matters pertaining to the rates, fares, charges, services and facilities of all regulated modes of intrastate transportation.

The section maintains a file of all tariffs setting forth rates, fares, charges, classification, rules and regulations for intrastate transportation companies. Staff members check each re-issue and supplement filed to ensure compliance with Commission rules and regulations. They also analyze tariff changes to determine the effect.

The revised tariffs and supplements are either permitted to become effective on the proposed effective date, or they are suspended and investigated. When the Commission institutes a formal investigation, public hearings are held. When the record is complete, the examiner and other members of the staff study and analyze the evidence of record and make recommendations to the Commission. After the Commission makes its decision, an order is written for the Commissioners' signatures.

The section compiles data from motor carriers and tariff publishing bureaus to use in Commission proceedings and to supply information for staff members and other state or federal agencies. The data also enables the Commission to track the overall financial condition of the industry.

The section handles requests for verification of rates, fares, and charges of passengers and household goods. It also verifies rates and services provided by motor carriers through field audits of carriers' facilities and records.


The Alabama Public Service Commission was designated as such in 1915 by the Alabama Legislature. It evolved from the Railroad Commission of Alabama which was created in 1881 to regulate railroads. Between 1881 and 1915 the Legislature extended the Railroad Commission’s jurisdiction to include express companies, sleeping car companies, railroad depot or terminal stations, telephone and telegraph companies, plus transportation companies operating as common carriers over water, toll bridges, toll ferries, and toll roads.

The Commission was charged with the regulation of utilities providing electricity, gas, water, and steam, companies operating streets or inter-urban railways, as well as rail and communication companies being regulated by the former Railroad Commission. The new Commission’s regulation of utilities included approving the sale or lease of utility property or franchises. The Commission was composed of three elected members: a president and two associate commissioners.

The Commission’s authority was broadened in 1920 when the Legislature made it responsible for utility rates.

As Alabama’s highway system developed in the late 1920s, the operation of trucks and buses as common carriers increased. In 1927, the Legislature placed all motor transportation companies operating as common carriers of freight or passengers over regular routes on Alabama highway under the Commission’s regulatory authority. The Legislature broadened the Commission’s authority over transportation companies in 1931 and 1932 by including motor carriers not operating over regular routes. Air carriers were included in 1945.

Natural gas transmission and distribution systems were placed under the Commission’s jurisdiction for safety purposes in 1968, adopting the Minimum Safety Standards outlined in the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act.

In 1971, the Commission’s authority over motor carriers was broadened. Transportation enforcement officers were empowered to enforce the rules and regulations of the Commission. In 1971 radio common carriers were placed under the Commission’s authority. The Commission’s safety jurisdiction was extended to include railroad tracks and equipment in 1976 under the State Participation Program of the Federal Railroad Safety Act of 1970.

The Legislature empowered the Attorney General’s office in 1977 to represent consumers and the state in Commission proceedings.

In recent years, two very important laws were passed by the United States Congress, both of which greatly influenced state regulatory agencies.

Title IV of the Federal Aviation Administration Act of 1994 provided for federal pre-emption of state regulation of prices, routes and services of motor carriers of all freight except household goods. This eliminated tariffs and hearings on applications for authority to operate. The Commission still regulates carriers of household goods and passengers and still ensures all carriers maintain proper cargo insurance and all carriers’ vehicles maintain appropriate safety standards.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 provided a framework for opening the nation to competition for local telephone service, a federal action that again provided for pre-emption of rules of state regulatory agencies. The Act left many of the details to be worked out by federal and state regulators.

While the Commission’s authority has undergone such major changes, its role has become even more important in the daily lives of the citizens of Alabama. The Commission is challenged with providing an orderly transition from overseeing regulated monopolies to open competition.



Walter L. Bragg: February 1881 - February 1885

Henry R. Shorter: February 1885 - February 1897

James Crook: February 1897 - February 1901

John V. Smith: March 1901 - March 1905

B.B. Comer: March 1905 - January 1907

Charles Henderson: January 1907 - January 1915

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Hugh White: January 1927 - January 1945

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C.C. (Jack) Owen: January 1951 - January 1965

Eugene (Bull) Conner: January 1965 - January 1973

Kenneth Hammond: January 1973 - December 1975


C.C. Whatley: December 1975 - January 1977

Juanita W. McDaniel: January 1977 - February 1980

William J. Samford, Jr.: February 1980 - January 1981

Billy Joe Camp: January 1981 - January 1983

Jim Sullivan: February 1983 - Present


James Crook: February 1881 - February 1885


Levi W. Lawler: February 1885 - September 1892

Gen. James T. Holtzclaw: February 1893 - July 1893

Willis G. Clark: August 1893 - February 1895

Harvey E. Jones: February 1895 - February 1899

A.E. Caffee: February 1899 - February 1903

William T. Sanders: April 1903 - January 1907

Charles Henderson: January 1907 - February 1907

W.D. Nesbitt: March 1907 - January 1911


Leon McCord: January 1911 - January 1915

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Fitzhugh Lee: January 1923 - January 1943

Gordon Persons: January 1943 - January 1945

James Perdue: May 1945 - January 1947

James Hitchcock: January 1947 - June 1959

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Joe Foster: August 1960 - January 1963


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Col. Charles P. Ball: February 1881 - February 1885

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